I know I’ve written many times about “leftist paedophilia” and, look, to be honest, even I sometimes think I’m just being paranoid.

But, then, stuff like this just keeps rearing its ugly head:

Scotland’s finance secretary has quit after it was revealed he sent up to 270 private messages to a 16-year-old schoolboy over a period of six months.


Not just any old private messages, either. This is seriously creepy, predatory stuff.

The private Facebook and Instagram posts show a wave of contact between August 2, 2019, and last Saturday.

In a number of exchanges it is clear the boy is choosing not to reply — while Mr Mackay repeatedly instigates online communication with him.


Feeling alarmed by the tone of the messages, [the boy] told the dad of two that his younger brother had split his head open and was in hospital.

Incredibly, 42-year-old Mr Mackay still wanted to know if the boy could join him on the campaign trail — and even offered to arrange transport.


Well, okay: a powerful person abusing their position to creepily glom onto a child. Gross – but what does that have to do with leftism?

Mackay has also been branded a “hypocrite” for backing a campaign to protect teens from online abuse. At the time, Mackay warned that children were at risk from social media that would be “damaging to their education and progress.”

Mackay also supported the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) initiative for Scottish schools, which includes LGBT ideology throughout school curricula.

The Scottish Sun reported that Mackay had retweeted several of TIE’s tweets as he supported their work, but the organisation has since deleted the tweets.


And it just keeps happening. The nexus between left-progressivism and paedophilia just keeps being the predator in the room.

There’s the think-tank behind the creepy “Safe Schools” state-sanctioned grooming program, whose deputy director wrote glowing paeans to paedophilia, back in the 80s, and more recently publicly asked, “Why do we need an age of consent at all?” His sidekick, author of Safe Schools, also boasted about teaching kids “to be gay and communist”, and claims that half of all youngsters are gay. Greens leader Adam Bandt praised an initiative to teach underage schoolgirls how to send nude selfies “safely”. “Drag queen story hour” enables convicted child-sex offenders and adult performers to hang out with toddlers.

Every politician convicted of child sex offences in Australia is from the left.

The leftist, state-funded broadcaster hosts sympathetic panels of “pederasts”. The similarly left-wing BBC spent years covering for, if not enabling, serial paedophile Jimmy Savile. Leftists rags like Salon and even the New York Times publish pro (or at best, sympathetic) paedophile op-eds. Liberal Hollywood is exposed as a sewer of pedophilic abuse.

Then there’s the wellspring of so much of current leftist obsessions: the oleaginous Marxist offshoot, “Queer Theory”.

Now, I’m not so paranoid or hyper-partisan as to claim that all lefists are kiddy-diddlers. Ditto, the homosexual community, who lean solidly (though certainly not exclusively) left. That would be ridiculous, and it is absolutely unsupported by the evidence. Anecdotally, many gay people are as appalled as anyone at what they can no longer deny is going on.

As one gay nightclub patron wrote, after witnessing a “performance” by child drag queen “Desmond is Amazing”: “I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since”. Blogger “Raging Gay Conservative” is furious that “activists [are] invit[ing] paedophiles into the LGBT community”.

When even drag queens are railing against the creeping sexualisation, the jig is absolutely up.

What is becoming crystal clear is that there is a persistent and growing sub-stratum of leftist ideology that is determined to sexualise children.

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