A new NZ media website has not been around for very long but already it is striking fear into the heart of a Radio Station. How do I know this? Well, “a Radio Station” reported on a website in relation to a news story but referred to it cravenly as “a website” rather than using its name. It seems that the memo has gone out to not name the website under any circumstances.

A photo on “a website” of “a reporter” from “a Radio Station” with “a snitch.”

The photographs were posted on a website […]

The photos ran with an article […]

A Radio Station

“A Radio Station” of course, did not link to “an article” so that readers could see for themselves if the claims that “A Radio Station” had made were accurate or not. Of course, human nature being what it is people will be googling away in order to discover the name of “A website.”

“A Radio Station” of course has its testicles in a tangle because “A reporter” was caught being indiscreet with “a snitch”, which is all highly embarrassing for “A Radio Station”.

Attack is the best means of defence, so they have deflected onto “A website” by claiming that “A website” is defending “A political party” because it published an article pointing out how “A Radio Station” used pejorative terms like “mysterious”, “richest man”, “connected”, “linked” and “related” in order to try to smear “A political party”

In other words, “A Radio Station” is now accusing “A website” of doing what “A website” first accused its reporters of doing.

One wonders what else “A website” has from sources about “A Radio Station’s” relationship with a thief? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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