Simon Bridges is all over the show regarding working with Winston Peters. Just last week he said he couldn’t trust Winston Peters and ruled out the possibility of a deal to form a government:

“I can’t trust New Zealand First and don’t think New Zealanders can either, and I want to end the charade we’ve had in the past and I think we will have again if New Zealand First is there.

“I’m really telling you after the election National wont work with New Zealand First, full stop.

Then on Tuesday, he said he could work with him:

But Bridges said that he would not rule out working with NZ First under any Government that he led, opening the door for Peters and his party to join future Bridges-led Governments.

“No, I don’t think that’s my right or privilege if you like, but I’ve made clear that is the case for this election – we’re ruling them out,” he said.

Pressed on the question, Bridges would only commit to ruling NZ First out of any talks after the 2020 election, “no ifs, no buts”. 

In other words, he doesn’t trust Winston Peters before the election but after the election, he will.

Then yesterday he flipped again. Or is that flopped? I’ve lost track.

Simon Bridges has completely ruled out working with New Zealand First for the upcoming election – or any future elections.

“No ifs, no buts, no time,” said National leader Bridges when probed by The AM Show host Duncan Garner. “I want to end this charade we’ve been in.”


He then adds a sledge over donations:

Bridges said voters deserve to know what the situation is following allegations surrounding the New Zealand First Party and its donation practises [sic].

He has some front going on about an SFO INVESTIGATION when his own party’s donations have actually led to CHARGES being laid. Allegations are not the same as having charges laid. I believe that voters also deserve to know what the situation is following charges being laid over National Party donations. This is especially important since he himself arranged at least one of the donations. He is making out that an investigation is the same as having charges laid. It may be that the SFO concludes their investigation and decides that all is above board.

Meanwhile, the dirty Chinese cash is still resting in the National party’s accounts, and it’s been resting there a good long time. Further, until the charges were laid it was still resting in the account and it was only after charges were laid that he decided he didn’t want the dirty Chinese cash any more.

Moreover, the party, the president and its candidates and MPs are still happily consorting with one of the accused. The photographic record is clear.

So, by all means, let’s assume that the voters should know the situation with donations, but let’s make sure it is for ALL parties including National.

One thing we do know now is that, when it comes to dealing with NZ First, it appears that Simon doesn’t know whether he is Arthur or Martha.

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