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It’s been said that you can have mass Muslim immigration, or you can have a liberal, democratic society – but you can’t have both.

Of course, such sentiments have to muttered sotto voce. Anything less than starry-eyed swooning and waving of “refugees welcome” banners, as millions of military-age, single Muslim men pour across the borders of the Western world, is demonised as ‘hate speech’. Daring to suggest that mass Muslim immigration might, just might, not be an unmitigated blessing is regarded as akin to gibbering passages from Mein Kampf at a Nuremberg rally.

It is, above all, absolutely forbidden to publicly express the opinion that #NotAllMuslims are peace-loving, hand-holding flower children; that is the hating-est hate speech of all time.

Any evidence to the contrary is ruthlessly suppressed, if possible (as when German and British police straight-up lied about Muslim mass-rapes in Cologne, Rotherham, Telford, and more cities across Britain and Europe). If such Muslim malfeasance must be reported, then at all costs any hint of Islamic-ness is covered over, obscured, hidden and censored.

The incidence of women in forced marriages in Australia is rising, trapping them in abusive relationships that can lead to domestic violence or death, according to advocates for victim­s of domestic abuse.

New data from the Australian Red Cross shows the number of individuals seeking help after fleeing arranged or forced marriag­e has gone up fivefold since 2015.

Almost half of the individual­s were children or ­people under the age of 18[…]Last month, a Perth man in his 20s is alleged to have murdered his new bride in what was reportedly an arranged marriage.

So, these are Aussie-as Sharons, Kylies and Emilies?

The Women’s Council says arranged marriage[…] is on the rise, even among Australian-born partners from non-English-speaking backgrounds […]women are often ineligible for government assistance for the first two years on spousal visas that got them into the country[…]abused women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds[…]one woman sponsored to Australia by her husband’s family[…]

Seems to be a bit of a pattern, there. Must be all those Italian and Greek immigrants. Or maybe the Brits.

Dr Kaplanian, who has studied the brutal “honour” killings of 70 Jordanian women, says she is seeing cases of Australian-born women and men entering ­arranged marriages.

A Middle Eastern woman living­ in Perth told her she was arranging “a suitable husband” for her 17-year-old daughter[…]Roia Atmar[…]was 14 when she arrived­ in Perth from Pakistan to meet a man she had been married to a few days earlier.

Well, okay. But apart from the forced child marriages and honour killings, it’s all felafels and rainbows, surely?

The most popular name for male rapists in Scotland is Muhammad (or Mohammed, or variant spellings thereof). You could be forgiven for thinking that in such a land, the most popular names for any kind of criminal might by Angus or Archie or Donald, etc. This is quite an accomplishment by Muslims, whose population density in Scotland is allegedly hovering around the 2% mark[…]

The list is endless, and does not incorporate all of the Mohammeds who have participated in grooming and rape gangs.

Well, okay, but, still…

Over 70,000 women in Germany have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM), and a further 17,000 young girls are at risk of having the barbaric procedure being committed against them.

A German doctor, Cornelia Strunz, who works at the Desert Flower Center said that the number of cases of FGM in Germany is rising due to increased migration from Islamic African and Asian countries, dubbed the ‘FGM Zone’ where the practice is widespread.

Yeah, but…

East London has seen the highest increase in homophobic attacks anywhere in Britain, and some of the worst in Europe. Everybody knows why, and nobody wants to say it. It is because East London has the highest Muslim population in Britain, and we have allowed a fanatically intolerant attitude towards gay people to incubate there, in the name of “tolerance”.

There’s something happening here and what it is, is pretty damn clear. When even the ultra-woke Huffington Post is belatedly taking notice, the jig is well and truly up.

As Mark Steyn noted, observing the incongruity of a hijab-clad Muslim woman passing a gay stall in Montreal, “in 30 years’ time, either the Arab lady will still be there, or the condom store, but not both. Which would you bet on?”

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