Jacinda Ardern and Peter Fitzsimmons might weep and clutch their pearls about Australia deporting so many Kiwis, but it seems that, to paraphrase President Trump, when New Zealand sends its people, it’s not sending its best. Criminals, drug dealers and rapists are crossing the Tasman.

Lots of them, if the numbers are any guide. Australia deported more than 1,300 Kiwis between 2015 and 2018. That number is set to grow by another 15,000 over the next decade.

Pirate Pete might get his bandanna all steamed up and Andrew Little can wail and tear his beard about the supposed human rights of gang members and other criminal associates, but the fact remains that some very bad Kiwi pennies are doing some very bad things here in Australia.

A New Zealand tourist whose drunken one-punch attack left a stranger in a coma with traumatic brain injuries will be deported after serving his jail term.

Amerika Robert Uili, 20, struck Liam McNeilly once in the neck, causing him to fall and slam his head on a driveway at Surfers Paradise in the early hours of June 27, 2019.


It’s not just drunken Kiwi louts and drug-dealing bikies, either. Even some supposed pillars of society are showing that they’re of very bad character indeed.

Millionaire businessman and former corporate raider Sir Ron Brierley is expected to plead not guilty to charges of possessing hundreds of thousands of child abuse images and videos.

A frail-looking Sir Ron appeared at the Downing Centre Local Court on Monday using a cane for his first court appearance, less than two months after he was arrested at Sydney International Airport[…]Born and raised in Wellington, Sir Ron had already made his mark in New Zealand business circles when he emigrated to Australia in the 1980s. By 1988 he had been knighted for his “services to business management and the community”.


It’s odd how these wealthy businessmen seem to be a picture of health until they get pinged for their bad deeds. Even the bearishly robust Harvey Weinstein has suddenly gone from tossing reporters down stairs to hobbling into court on a walking-frame.

Tell your crims to stay where they are, New Zealand. They’re not coming over.

*Okay, we inadvertently lumbered you lot with Brenton Tarrant, I’ll admit. But, hey, feel free to send him back here. We’ve more than a few lads in our own prison system who’ll surely deal out a bit of rough justice, given the chance. Just ask Carl Williams.

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