Today’s face of the day Phil Goff has had his emails hacked. 15,000 emails worth over 12 years were offered for sale to NZ legacy media. The interesting part is that what has upset the legacy media is not the fact that a crime has been committed and a man’s privacy violated for financial gain but that the hacker refused to hand over the stolen e-mails for free like Rawshark did when he hacked Whaleoil Editor Cameron’s Slater’s private e-mails and Facebook messages.

Interestingly the NZ Herald, in this case, is assisting the police with their enquires whereas, when they worked hand in glove with Rawshark, they did not assist the police in any way shape or form.

The article on Phil Goff, in fact, has journalist “Dirty” David Fisher basically saying, look at me – I still talk to hackers.

The article also reveals that Phil Goff has been hiding information from the Official Information Act. This reveals him to be a class A hypocrite as he made a song and dance over Murray McCully’s e-mails when he was Labour leader.

The left-wing revelled in “exposing” Cameron Slater and the National Party, not once even stopping to think of the long term implications, and now they find themselves on the receiving end.

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