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Today’s face of the day “Aunty Helen the Control Freak Who Cannot Retire Gracefully (to give her her full title)” criticised the COL government publicly on Twitter this week.

“She has to keep her hand in, just in case we become a republic within her lifetime and she can have a stab at being dictator-for-life”

Who is running the country? Not Helen much to her frustration. Like Hilary Clinton and others who had power then lost it, they don’t seem able to just retire quietly.

I’m no Labour voter but if I was, I might be wishing about now that Helen was still leader rather than the current mob. Still socialist to the core but I don’t think she would have given the Greens the free rein they have currently, especially as they were just supposed to be confidence and supply – not govern.”

**Quotes from last nights Backchat.

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Luke

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