I am a graduate student abroad. I made it for my course work. This map illustrates a risk assessment of sexual assaults of so-called ‘CHIKAN’, which stands for crimes that a person commits when they grope someone inappropriately or when they show their private parts to someone who are in a train or are on the street, specifically in the Tokyo city area of Japan.

This data does not contain rapes and severe sexual assault, but it is a serious problem in Japan. The most cases that happened in the public transportations are not contained in the data, even though 71.3% cases occurred in trains or stations, according to the metropolitan police report in 2017. Also, the information is all reported by the victims. As the hidden figure of the sexual assaults may be quite high (74.1%), the actual number of the assaults seems to be greater than the data.

The BFD. Map of the day. Source: reddit.com