This government has to be by far the worst government in the history of our nation.

Just like those “chinky sounding names” made so famous by her incompetent MP’s in our present government, Dieuwe de Boer sounds very much as though it is of Afrikaans origin – you know, that conservative South African regime that gave the world apartheid and wouldn’t step back from it for many years. [ Editor’s note: Dieuwe de Boer is actually from the Netherlands and is Frisian, a Dutch ethnic minority, that has a flag consisting entirely of heart-shaped water lilies.]

The BFD. Flag of Friesland. Nothing says Far-right like a flag covered in hearts!

Of course, that makes all South Africans with SAFA sounding names far right on the political scale and well, it’s just so easy to add the simple word “activist” after that and bingo, you have a dangerous, right-wing activist threatening our democracy and suspected of owning a newly illegal firearm so the police are compelled to act, jackboots and all.

The police should be ashamed, as should all those in authority who think it’s in any way acceptable.

It is no exaggeration to suggest our democracy is at risk and if we allow these erosions to continue, we will reap the results sooner rather than later. Then we’ll wonder how we allowed it to happen.


Radio New Zealand should require that reporter Matthew Theunissen retract and apologize for his comments about de Boer. It would be the professional, appropriate and correct thing to do. But they won’t.

If he had any credibility and integrity, Theunissen would do so off his own bat. But he won’t.

The Prime Minister should, on behalf of ALL New Zealanders, publicly acknowledge how wrong and unacceptable it is in our “fair” society, to publicly label somebody something they are not and insist her radio network does the right thing. But she won’t.

The Prime Minister should also acknowledge publicly that this was an inappropriate and unnecessary raid and an unjustified imposition on a citizen, promise to ensure it never happens again and publicly apologise to de Boer and his family. But she won’t.

The Police and their minister should apologize, tell the truth and try to regain some credibility from this disgraceful incident. But they won’t.

In my world, where integrity is critically important, our members of parliament are not stand-alone individuals doing what they like. They are elected officials whose job it is to represent us. ALL of us. They have a moral obligation to protect and defend the individual rights of ALL of us. But they won’t.

Other than David Seymour, where the hell are the rest of them? Why aren’t they publicly standing up to defend our democratic rights and freedoms in the face of the jackbooted police mob which is looking more like the armed gangs than the gangs themselves?

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