Grap your woollen hats, button your coats, buy a hot water-bottle; it looks like the world is going to get colder, soon. Scientists (real ones) have been speculating over a reversal of phase in the North Atlantic Current for a couple of years now, finding intermittently colder temperatures in the Northern waters.

The current temperature oscillates in roughly three-decade phases; it’s been warm since the early 1990s and prior to that was ‘cold’ circa 1960-1990 when scientists were trying to convince us that the world was entering a new Little-Ice-Age.

Possible proof that the change is underway, a change which affects the entire Northern Hemisphere weather cycle from Asia to the Americas, comes from the daily ice-volume charts produced by the Danish Meteorological Institute. Notice something?

The BFD.

It’s this:

The BFD.

The western side of the Svalbard Islands archipelago is seriously icing up, and we’re only very early into the ice season. This is unheard of during an Atlantic ‘warm’ phase and hasn’t occurred so far this century. The ocean temperature west of Svalbard is ‘normally’ 5-7 degrees, way too warm for ice.

This is only my own speculation, so far, based on observation of the DMI charts for several years, and on the numerous scientific reports warning we are overdue for a ‘cold-phase’. Maybe the ice will break up, but if it doesn’t it may be evidence that we’re at the beginning of a (probable) thirty-year cooling period.

Better not shut those coal mines too soon, Europe.

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