Brian Dingwall

Dear Simon,

Many have been saying that there is no pathway to power for National at the next election.

I disagree. Here is the track clearly laid out for you to follow.

First read President Trump’s Davos speech. Second, plagiarise the heck out of it for your own use.

Mock the doomsters and show Miss Ardern what real positivity looks like.

Third, explain how under your leadership New Zealand will ride the tsunami of growth, innovation and wealth creation triggered by the growth in the world’s biggest economy.

Next, fix the NZ/US relationship as this is presently an empty space that Miss Ardern has left for you to fill (and for an innovation bonus dividend, as well as claiming the moral high ground, address the NZ/Israel relationship tool).

Then, having gotten us all excited, lay out real plans to address the housing imbalance, (clue: address supply and population growth). Address the reason why so many are in low wage jobs or are jobless (clue: it’s in social structure and parental control of education).

Finally, stop wasting money on the impossible demands of the climate alarmists, and halve the size of the Government and its Ministries thereby releasing all those good people to become productive.

Unite the country in the quest to be the best and wealthiest small country in the world and by wealthiest, we don’t necessarily mean as measured by money.

Best of luck.

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