Satire (Possibly)

Some of us are unfortunate enough to be experiencing the turmoil of construction in downtown Auckland and we are not enchanted by the thought that this will continue for many years. With this in mind, I have applied to Immigration NZ for temporary work visas for the Chinese construction crews who are building two new hospitals as a result of the Coronavirus spreading across China. They claim a 1,000-bed hospital will be built in six days. I suggest they will rest on the seventh day. Then they will start the second hospital. I guess if God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh then what’s the big deal about building a couple of hospitals?

My ambitious aim is to have the Sky City Conference Centre wrapped up within three days, as the first half was completed in four years, so the Chinese construction team has a head start on this project. Then onto the rail loop tunnel, tracks, stations, roads and surrounding infrastructure. This could take up to six weeks, weather permitting. They would then head north and build the new port. This should be a breeze, as Shane Jones would be out of town for that month so they would have nothing to distract them. A quick flight down to Dunedin would result in a completed new hospital in six days.

Now all that’s left is 100,000 new houses. That should take a couple of months. So now, with only a week left on their work visas, I thought it would be a good idea for them to build the rapid rail link from their downtown hotel, finishing at the airport. This would eliminate the inconvenience of catching a bus from their hotel to connect with their flight back to China providing they started on Monday and knocked it off by Sunday, an hour before check-in.

I have applied for six-month work visas for this crew of Chinese construction workers. Maybe a little more time than is needed but it provides a little flexibility should any hitches arise. I received a reply from Immigration thanking me for my request and stating that it will be processed in due course and their decision could be expected within the next two years.

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