I have a few simple questions for you all dear readers:

  • What happens when you break the law and get caught?
  • What happens when you break a written contract and get caught?
  • If your decision to return to the country where you broke the law or broke a contract leads to you getting caught should you be surprised?
  • Should we all feel sorry for you?

A woman has been stopped and arrested at Auckland Airport over student loan debt.

The Herald has been told the woman had been in New Zealand visiting her unwell mother, and was arrested on Friday as she attempted to fly out of Auckland Airport to the United States.

[…] The arrest continues a hardline policy introduced under the previous National Government. Student unions have criticised the border arrest policy as draconian and likely to make overseas Kiwis “student-loan refugees” – unable to return home for weddings, funerals or other important events.

Boohoo! Pass the hanky. Of course, criminals can’t return home unless they are prepared to face the music on their return. Calling them “student-loan refugees” is as ridiculous as the government renaming male prisoners “men in our care”!

[…] “While Inland Revenue has the authority to apply for arrest warrants for student loan defaulters leaving the country, this is very much an action of last resort after all other avenues have been exhausted,” the spokesman said in a statement.

NZ Herald

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