The commentary by Andrew Dickens in ‘a newspaper’ on Steve Price’s rant about our Prime Minister holidaying in Australia had me watching the video. Before I got to the rant I was startled by the look of Jacinda walking down the road wearing a coat that she looked like she was the hanger for. Not a pretty sight. For once, the fisherman looked better dressed.

As far as the rant was concerned, I agree with Andrew; it was remarkable and all a bit silly. Steve Price trying to argue that she should have stayed home like everyone is saying Scott Morrison should have done is not comparing apples with apples. Morrison had a country burning. I have no doubt if this country were on fire, Jacinda would be here in her fireman’s (should that be firewoman’s) outfit doing her kissing and hugging routine.

Very few of the right-wing journalists in Australia like Ardern. They can see through all the kissing and hugging and don’t fall for the facade like most of our left-wing journalists do on the basis it suits their narrative. Peta Credlin on Sky News is well worth a watch.

Andrew then turns his attention to domestic politics saying that there are many people who love the things about Jacinda that Pricey and his mates hate. He says that this, combined with National alienating New Zealand First, is the reason why Labour is in Government. Two points on that one Andrew. First, National wasn’t prepared to play Winston’s game, and second, Winston never intended to go with National.

Andrew then lists all the things that have made this Government the cluster mess it is and asks if it will be a one-term one. He points out that Matthew Hooton, in his Metro magazine article says they will be re-elected. I enjoy Matthew’s commentary but I find he’s at variance with himself most of the time. Andrew notes that most MMP elections are close. I agree. Nothing much has changed since 2017 says, Andrew. Really? His first point is correct that Winston still hates National as also is his point that the Greens are refusing to self destruct. I can’t agree on his point that the economy is refusing to tank. There is probably enough evidence on that for a separate article.

Meanwhile, Andrew says, Jacinda is still there infuriating Steve Price and Colin from Christchurch (he forgot to mention those of us on The BFD) and enchanting the people who like hugs. So what I take from Andrew’s article, forget Pricey’s rant, is that a woman who dresses up to suit any occasion, including a coat that clearly doesn’t fit, is going to get another term based on hugs.

If that is so, it is a sad commentary on the voting public of this country.

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