The other day I infiltrated a NZ Mainstream Media office. It wasn’t hard to do as during the holiday period their crew consisted of one very bored looking journalist regurgitating the same story multiple times for different media sites after first lifting the content from a new and very popular NZ website that broke the story.

For the price of an (admittedly quite cold) recyclable cup of coffee, I was able to distract him long enough to grab a copy of the NZ MSM GUIDE to Spotting ‘Far Right-wing Extremists’ in the Wild poster that was taped to the side of his depressing little cubicle beside a photo of his dog wearing sunglasses.

It was most enlightening to say the least:

NZ MSM GUIDE to Spotting ‘Far Right-wing Extremists’ in the Wild

Far-right extremists (otherwise referred to as activists) are very common in New Zealand. They are very cunning creatures, however, so we have created this helpful poster so that you can accurately label them when you see them.


1. Far-right activist rally.

These extremists are fond of music and pumping their fists in the air and waving their hands while chanting the name of their leader. The big clue is in the background of this photo.


2. A Far-right family

Be on the lookout for gender-specific families that enforce rigid gender roles where they claim to be male and female and the woman expects her children to call her Mum and the man expects to be called Dad. The big giveaway that a family is Far-right is the outdated traditional views that lead them to commit to each other through that old fashioned patriarchal concept called Marriage.

Clearly anyone who embraces such a disgusting outdated concept hates anyone who lives their life differently and are bringing up their children with the same hateful views. The more children they have, the more of a threat to society they present. The big clue is if the father is employed and is financially supporting his children while the mother stays at home to bring up the children full time instead of putting her career first.


3. A Young white supremacist reading a Far-right manifesto

Activists on the Far-right indoctrinate their children with a well known Far-right manifesto which is illegal or restricted in 52 countries:

The BFD. The Far-right manifesto is illegal or restricted in 52 countries.

The manifesto contains outrageous thought crimes and we strongly recommend that you do not read it as reading ideas different to your own may prove to be traumatising.


Finally, you can judge a Far-right activist by his or her hobbies.

The BFD. 4. A Far-right woman preparing to massacre a bunny rabbit in an orgy of cold-blooded killing.

Anyone who hunts or target shoots or takes part in any kind of sport related to using a firearm (no matter how low the calibre) is a Far-right activist. If they have been vetted by the police and have been found to be a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence then you should be on the alert and suspicious of anything that they do or say as only a Far-right activist would be so extreme as to follow the law and to even worse take part in the democratic process by making public submissions on gun law changes.

*** If in doubt about a person the rule of thumb is that if they are white they are right (Far-right that is)

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