Say that the Aussie bush fires weren’t caused by climate change and you are an evil climate change denier who should be censored

The NBR published an online article on Friday (10 Jan 2020) presenting the Aussie bush fires as evidence of climate change to highlight the responsibilities of company directors. The Institute of Directors Chief Executive was quoted as saying that the bush fires were a New Year’s warning that climate change is an issue that directors can’t ignore. Several other issues were listed as well but the headline and accompanying photo were all about bush fires and climate change.

The NBR is one of the few publications left that still allows readers to comment on all its articles, although it does check and sometimes moderate comments before publishing them. It is a business publication with generally right-leaning stories. However, it is read by many public servants, who get free access from their employers’ subscriptions, so there is sometimes spirited debate between commenters.

Not surprisingly, some readers commented that the bush fires were not primarily caused by climate change but more due to a lack of proactive action to clear bush, etc. This was not liked at all by a certainly politically correct fund manager who commented that climate denier tropes have been deliberately spread to slow systematic change required to prevent far worse damage.

After a further comment challenging whether man-made climate change was a significant cause of the bush fires, Mr fund manager commented, “Another climate change denier. Other publications don’t publish these.”

The BFD. Screenshot provided.

It is clear Mr fund manager is in favour of censoring people who disagree with what he deems to be the truth. This is what happens in totalitarian regimes! Is this the sort of future we have to look forward to?

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