The Church And State Summit 2020 is going to make a huge impact on the nations of New Zealand & Australia for the Kingdom of God, announcing and making way for His justice & Truth.

This is for you! The Church And State Summit is a gathering of world-class speakers teaching and inspiring everyday Christians to influence their world for Christ, seeking the Kingdom of God first, and intervening in injustice.

Our special guest this year is Jewish believer in Jesus, teacher, evangelist and cultural commentator Dr Michael Brown. He’s the author of over 35 books and host of a daily radio show across the United States where he’s known as your voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution.

The Auckland conference will feature Dr Brown, Dr Paul Moon, Ps Alan Vink and Dave Pellowe. Other high calibre speakers & leaders for the Summit in Brisbane already confirmed are Senator Eric Abetz, Bill Muehlenberg, Prof Margaret Somerville, Bindi Cole Chocka, David Hodgson, Dr Alex Deagon, and Ps Ian Shelton.

The Tour Conferences (afternoon and evening)

  • 25 February Pakuranga, AUCKLAND
  • 26 February – Skye, MELBOURNE
  • 27 February – Burwood, SYDNEY
  • The Summit (Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning and afternoon) – 28-29 February – Springwood, QUEENSLAND

There’s a lost & hurting world that needs God’s Kingdom come now. If you are (or want to be) motivated and inspired to be a part of the moral, cultural & spiritual revolution your nation needs, then whatever your age or experience, DON’T MISS THIS EVENT!

More info at

Auckland Program

2pm – registration

2.30pm – Dr Michael Brown – “Feed My Sheep”
Which Biblical truths does reliable research reveals Christians consider most essential to be taught?

Session 2 – Alan Vink – “An update on Abortion, Euthanasia & Marijuana”
Detailing issues New Zealand is currently debating

Session 3 – Dr Paul Moon – “Where is Free Speech going?

5 pm – dinner break [no catering]

6.30 – registration

7 pm – Dave Pellowe – “Rebuild the Wall”
God’s people with love for neighbour and nation promoting justice & peace

Session 5 – Showcase of local ministries resourcing cultural influence

Session 6 – Dr Michael Brown – “Jezebel’s War on the West”
Identifying what’s behind public attacks on Christianity and how to respond.

9 pm – dismiss / fellowship


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