Boris Johnson’s win is a warning to the National Party. Simon Bridges is more like Jeremy Corbyn than he is Boris Johnson. Parties only win when people like their leaders. No one liked Corbyn and no one likes Bridges. To clarify, they may like him as a person and think that he is a nice bloke but as a leader, they are brown bread about him.

Being politically incorrect and having more skeletons than Tutankhamun’s tomb didn’t hurt Boris Johnson but being woke (and anti-semitic) meant Labour went broke. It is the worst Labour result since 1935 and it is all down to the fact that they had an unelectable leader.

Bridges isn’t horrible like Jeremy Corbyn who is a detestable man with a nasty rat-like face but he is not a strong and charismatic personality like Boris Johnson. Boris stood for something, had a simple message and is going to deliver the Brexit that he promised.

National should take heed of this result and replace Bridges with a leader who may not be politically correct but who is strong, charismatic and can deliver a simple message in a way that excites the voters.


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