ACT Party

The Police Minister must resign and the Government should scrap its proposal for a firearms register after a massive data breach.

The personal details of tens of thousands of firearms owners were made available on the Police website yesterday morning. Names, addresses, dates of birth, types of firearms, and cellphone and bank account numbers were available to view and download.

The potential for such an outcome is why ACT stood alone in opposing the Government’s rushed legislation in April. This data breach is the inevitable result of a law that was made in just nine days.

The safety of law-abiding firearms owners has been endangered by this data breach and the Police Minister must resign. Stuart Nash bears ultimate responsibility for the actions of his agency.

This kind of incident is exactly why a firearms register is a terrible idea and why ACT has opposed it from the start. A gun register, if leaked, will become a steal-to-order list for gangs and criminals.


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