Satire: This is NOT a real Press release

Press Statement from the Canterbury Rugby Union:

Wayne Kerr and A.Dick, head of logo development.

There has been considerable public feedback regarding the controversial re-branding of the Crusaders’ rugby logo. Some people believe that the new logo is not suitable and feel that they have been shafted. This question was put to Mr A. Dick, head of the Canterbury rugby marketing department, who spoke to media at some length and breadth about how the logo was developed.

Mr Head, a retired seaman, took full responsibility for the decision and said that he had refused to palm the job off to someone else and, as a manager, he quite liked to handle things himself. He stated that the whole marketing team had all pulled together to bring the job to a climax and that it was absolutely “balls to the wall” at the end. He said that while it had its “ins and outs” and its “ups and downs”, and that sometimes they felt really shagged, that they had all risen up to the challenge, and once they’d gotten over the hump it was satisfying in the end.

Mr Head also generously gave credit to his assistant, Mr Wayne Kerr, who he said had been instrumental in pulling all of the knobs and levers to keep this job pumping along, and that Mr Kerr had given him some great tips. Mr Kerr spoke briefly and, in a similar vein, said that he too was faced with stiff opposition from some quarters, but that he had managed to toss those off, and in the end he was tickled pink with the result.

“It couldn’t have come at a better time,” Kerr said, “and who doesn’t love a happy ending?” He said that developing the logo did not always slip along easily, sometimes it only limped along and the work had often progressed in short spurts and, like any job, there were different strokes for different folks but when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have to keep your head up; don’t stop pushing until the end and then ram it home. He shared a humorous anecdote about how, even when he was nailing the final logo up against the wall, the wind had caught it and briefly jerked it right off, before he could re-erect it again.

Mr Head and Mr Kerr both said that Canterbury should be rightfully proud of their new logo, because it showed that the Crusaders team can take the challenge by the head, stick it to the opposition, and if they all pull together, then they will always come first! He called on all Cantabrians to wear their logo with pride and keep rooting for the Crusaders!


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