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Yesterday’s view is from a recent trip to Christchurch. I came across a group of our nation’s finest, including an Armed Response Team having a wee get-together on the side of the road.  The grey building they are assembled outside of is located at 427 Tuam St. Due to the cellphone camera’s limitations, you probably can’t read what is written on the door, but I can advise that the two URLs are “menfriends.co.nz” and “altsexcafe.com“.  That’s right, it is a popular men-only sauna/sex club.

There was another patrol car parked across the road. In total, 8 officers stood around talking, using their phones and taking selfies, for about 20 minutes, before all driving off together in convoy. I can only assume they were staging for a warrant execution or similar, but it was amusing that they were (unwittingly I assume) perpetuating a Village People-esque trope.  Simultaneously, it gives lie to the claim that these ARTs are only to be deployed on the most high-risk jobs.  None of the officers were wearing their ballistic vests, suggesting that the job they were going to didn’t carry any significant risk of armed resistance…so why were the ART needed?


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