Does whisky go off in the bottle when opened?


I get this question a lot, not so simple but Yes and No!

Whisky should be stored opened or unopened in a cool dry place away from sunlight, a kitchen cupboard is a perfect spot. Once opened you should ensure the cap is firmly screwed back on and stored in a suitable place. Unlike wine, whisky is best stored upright in your kitchen cupboard, cellar or pantry. By storing your whisky upright it stops the whisky eating away at the cork.

Sometimes you’ll see whisky stored on a table along with some whisky glasses, this is actually fine as long as you plan to drink the whisky within about 8 weeks. If you store whisky where it can be exposed to sunlight you run the risk of it spoiling slightly and not tasting as good. Always keep your whisky out of direct sunlight if you want to keep it for a few years to come.


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