After months of paralysis, during which dozens of innocent Australian farming families have been forced to endure terrifying invasions by swivel-eyed fanatics, vegan activists “Aussie Farms” is finally getting a taste of comeuppance.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has flagged the potential for “sterner and tougher” crackdowns on activist group [Aussie] Farms, after it was stripped of its charity status.

The move followed a lengthy and secretive investigation into its operations by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Aussie Farms are the extremists who published an online map of Australian farms that they, without evidence, claimed were guilty of animal cruelty. It was later revealed that the map included vegetable farms. On the other hand, the map excluded cattle farms owned by the family of Aussie Farms’ founder, Chris Delforce. Nonetheless, Aussie Farms encouraged nutbar vegan zealots to invade family farms. Activists also brought the centres of major cities like Melbourne to a standstill, by blocking roads in CBDs.

Mr McCormack said […] “We don’t want this illegal activism affecting the lives and livelihoods of those people who are trying to grow the food, who are trying to grow the fibre for domestic uses and of course for overseas people as well” […]

ACNC Commissioner Dr Gary Johns said the removal of an organisation’s charity status was reserved for “the most serious of cases.”

“By revoking the charity registration of Aussie Farms Inc, the organisation is no longer able to access Commonwealth charity tax concessions,” Dr Johns said in a statement.

“Revocation of charity status is the most serious action the ACNC can take.”

That blatantly political operatives like Aussie Farms, or the thuggish GetUp, are ever granted charity status in the first place is scandalous. These groups do nothing that could be remotely construed as “charitable”.

In a letter obtained by The Australian following the group’s day of action, Attorney-General Christian Porter wrote “despite being aware of its prescription under the Privacy Act, Aussie Farms Inc continues to […] play a significant role in spreading disruptive protest activity from Australia’s farms to our capital cities” […]

The group was created in 2013 and led by Melbourne web developer Chris Delforce – the son of senior [agriculture] bureaucrat Julie Delforce – and was given charity status in January 2018.

Naturally, the lettuce-brained vegan loons are squealing.

Mr Delforce told The Australian the timing of the ACNC’s decision was “extremely suspicious.”

“We have received no contact from the ACNC around this,” Mr Delforce said […]

Without charity status Aussie Farms will lose all of its tax concessions, including income tax exemption, GST concessions and FBT concessions.