Today’s post is a request for some help.

Until now our volunteer quiz makers have taken on a timeslot and committed to it and when they have had enough they have let us know and we have found a replacement. While I feel that is the best way to handle the Weekly News quiz and World News quiz timeslots I want to try something different for the other two weekend quiz slots.

What I propose is this.

I would like people to contact me who would like to create five quizzes for us on a topic of their choice. The quizzes can then be stored and used when needed. No commitment will be expected. All I ask is that you create five quizzes.

That’s all.

No commitment, just a one-off job that will take you 2 and 1/2 hours in total and that can be done over a week or more.

The BFD Needs You. Photoshopped image credit Pixy

If you would like to create five quizzes for us on the topic of your choice please contact me today sb at

If some of you contribute a little of your time we will soon have a lot of entertaining quizzes created ready for the whole community to enjoy on the weekends.

Have fun.

If you are a Greenie quiz us on the environment.

If you vote Labour quiz us on Labour party facts.

If you are a road maggot get your own back and quiz us on cycling!

As long as you are testing our grey matter we want to hear from you.


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