The totalitarian Marxist zealots are in reality pagans, as they believe in inflicting human suffering and death to appease the fictitious ‘climate gods’.

20th Century Marxism was the old Paganism that cost over 100 million lives.

Now, they replace their failed ideology with the threat of ‘climate change’ which is Marxism in another guise. Like Chicken Little they cry – “the sky is falling the sky is falling, declare an emergency, we are all doomed”. But we’re not  …just as we weren’t last time.

There is a human need to believe in something to fill a void. The need to feel part of a group including the power of crowds. A need to reverse the western Judeo Christian moral code that is the foundation of the most successful society that ever existed, and a need to scold and belittle the brilliance of the older generation that saved the free world from tyranny and developed the very technology the activists use against us today.

These are some of the tools of their new pagan mantra.

All these features have been evident in the ‘climate justice’ movement which they say is ‘based on science’. However, it is increasingly evident that this movement has become a cult. Specifically, a pagan cult that supposedly values the Earth and Nature as ends in themselves; while subjugating human beings, taking away their livelihoods and ultimately their lives. Humanity to these foolish zealots is only a problem to be solved for the good of the planet.

A cult that also includes ‘ritual sacrifice’. In a less extreme form, this involves ‘pagan’ practices such as abstaining from meat to demonstrate moral purity, virtue signalling in the hope of satisfying the gods, the group-think crowd power. (Suggest ‘The Crowd’ by Gustave Le Bon published 1895).

There is also ‘birth strike’. They who have committed not to have children for the sake of the planet. These ‘vestal virgins’, ensuring that no new little carbon footprints are ever placed on the face of our earth. The young are now being taught to believe it is shameful to bring life into the world.

To conclude, I should mention Human Sacrifice.

A prominent older US ‘wannabe’ presidential candidate from the far left proposes abortion as a solution to climate change population growth i.e. poor women not having babies. This as a major contributing election platform which he says should be addressed as a major contributor to the cult of a ‘Climate Catastrophe’.

The CoL and the National Party are participants in this pagan cult. Its ultimate goal is to extort funds from our successful economy, thereby reducing the population’s independent self-sufficiency, all to fund and implement a new world order.

At the next election in 2020 remember – a nation of sheep will reap a government of wolves, and for those who blindly vote for any of the coalition parties remember: Ultimately you and your ‘lambs’ will be the ones who pay the heaviest price.


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Max is a retired NZ/Australian businessman, Company Director and CEO who is an ardent supporter and protector of Western Values. His incentive for continuing to research and write is based on curiosity and a search for meaning born through a desire to validate facts and share provocative debatable topics. To live is to question. I have never voted for nor support the NZ First Party. My voting tendency, though not fixed, is ACT Party and National electoral vote.