This is a letter from John Rofe, a self-declared “Concerned Citizen” to Professor Gerrard, the NZ Prime Minister’s Science Advisor.

As it is quite long we have ‘serialized’ it over a few days.

Part one here.

New Zealand’s situation is pretty much an “outlier” on the world stage, as we enjoy a benign maritime climate.  So while rapid heating was obvious in the UK there was little change in NZ – certainly not for an Auckland resident.  I conclude that while Grand Solar Minimums affect the entire planet, the countries of the Southern hemisphere are less affected due to the fact that the sea takes many years to adjust to climate change.  The huge land masses of the Northern hemisphere heated faster and will likely cool faster, yet inevitably we will catch up. 

We are all familiar with the impacts of the GFC of 2008/9 but we are less familiar with the Arab Spring of the same era.  The Arab Spring involved a shortage of various food staples and at the time, the common reaction in an attempt to achieve resolution to hunger and want was the population rising up and over-throwing tyrants.  Of course, this was exacerbated in countries like Yemen, Egypt and Syria which had transitioned from being oil exporters to importers and necessarily residents’ fuel subsidies were being cut, impacting energy costs.  These, like our present government’s fuel taxes affect the lower-paid productive sectors the most.   

The Chinese have long experience with food shortages arising from the effects of natural climate change too.  Their history of 2,000 years plus is well chronicled and well understood by members of the present central committee of the CCP.  They know that famines occurred during particularly deep solar minimums that we refer to as Grand Solar Minimums, and that every time one of these occurred (every 170-200 years in regular cycles) the ruling dynasty would collapse.  They are now affected by the same poor harvests as the USA, but cold climate crop losses for them have been exacerbated in 2019 by the predations of the Army Worm and the African Swine Haemorrhagic Fever.  So they are today buying what protein they can, where they can, in the realisation that severe looming food shortages on a regional, if not global scale, have for them now arrived.  The Russian Government’s preparations are also well underway and quite transparent. 

I have no doubt that the Global Warming fraud will be destroyed when people realise what is really happening.  The George Soros funded media and “Extinction Rebellion” campaigns (ably assisted by the other globalist billionaires) that have led to our news media reporting overseas heat waves and not reporting the  cold events, has led to all time record cold in Moscow being ignored at the same time that the short Paris heat wave was being trumpeted in the media some months ago as evidence of global warming.  But of greater concern has been the exclusion from the mainstream news media of the facts of 100 year cold and rain records being broken for the lower 48 states of the USA over the winter of 2018-9.  Because their spring came 1-2 months late in 2019 and autumn then came under the guise of winter a month earlier than normal, the US crops have been extremely hard hit.  The demonstrably shorter growing seasons for 2019 are simply a continuation of a shortening trend which began in 2017, then 2018 (when it snowed in the Sahara and Quiet Quarter of Saudi Arabia in the winter….Yet not reported here).  And like all climate-related effects, the shortened growing periods are already duplicated in other countries/regions even if their agriculture stats are harder for us to come by… given the success of the Soros media campaigns.  

If you want I can show you video footage of combine harvesters desperately working on the prairies during blizzards four weeks ago in the hope of saving a proportion of immature corn crops.  In isolation, that is just anomalous weather, even if 2020’s global food security of supply was being lost in the process.  But this video clip below should suffice because it shows the fact that successive winters during the unfolding Grand Solar Minimum will not likely be much better and more likely will be much worse. 


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