This is a letter from John Rofe, a self-declared “Concerned Citizen” to Professor Gerrard, the NZ Prime Minister’s Science Advisor.
As it is quite long we have ‘serialised’ it over a few days.


I guess you probably won’t read this, so I will copy this email to a lot of people and perhaps it will resonate with someone. I am writing to you because I am told you are the NZ Prime Minister’s Science Advisor. The truth I have found from my research over 15 years. I will be happy to provide you with whatever further details you require. I am only an informed private citizen and only represent my own interests. 

I am not a scientist but I had a long career as a consultant and turnaround specialist to and for distressed organisations and that led me into being asked to sort out various frauds and scams over a long international career as a top consultant and forensic accountant.  I find there are many similarities between those frauds and the biggest ever – the “Great Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud” that you have unwittingly become a peripheral player in.   

Now retired from my profession, my method was always to look closely at the actions of people who are running organisations and almost inevitably, to be drawn into dispute between those governing an organisation’s actions and the reality of their circumstances.  It is common to see people trying to fix the effects of a problem because they cannot get their heads around causation.  Human frailty and greed are often present in their actions. 

In the case of James Shaw and Jacinda Ardern, they were warned of their complicity to fraud in 2018 and have confessed to me they are – for whatever reason –  accepting someone else’s dogma (the UN IPCC, no less).  That is contrary to their fiduciary duty to the public of New Zealand, yet it is their excuse, and yet regardless of any excuse, a fraud is just a fraud. 

Every day we see virtue signalling by people who know absolutely nothing about the scientific basis of the biggest madness of modern times.  Today it just happens to be the turn of Lawyers…telling the NZ Herald how committed they are to what they do not realise is populist stupidity.   

The inability to deal with causation always happens on an enterprise scale as well as on either a city scale or a country scale.  Folk like Jacinda and James are easily persuaded to deal with the minutiae of effects because it is those effects that most sway the voters.  This is also reflected in the actions of Simon Bridges and his team as well, and I mean no disrespect by the comment.  But if/when I start firing off writs, all that will change.   

I am involved, solely because I am a long term investor in international energy projects, mostly involving renewable and cutting edge technologies, so I unwittingly benefit from the incentives provided pursuant to the fraud.  So with my fraud investigation experience and incentive to find out who is correct between the AGW alarmists and global warming sceptics, I have delved into the bowels of the science and find myself supporting an unpopular but empirically supported rejection of the UN IPCC line of lies and misdeeds.  You and I find ourselves on different sides and yet I believe you and your career are the ones in the greatest danger. 

If necessary I will begin litigation in 2020 to sort this out.  But in 2019 I had two humanitarian projects that spun from the fraud which took up my time and suing a Government whose regulations I have a hand in administering for the last 23 years did not seem a sensible course of action.   I have now been granted leave to retire as a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand effective 5 November 2019.  I sought leave to retire despite enjoying my duties, so I can clear the decks for action.  And one way or another, action is what we will see in 2020. 

Even so, I am not sure whether I will need to go to the bother of litigation as I expect unforeseen and terribly unfortunate climate change effects may intervene to lay the fraud bare for all to see.  Perhaps in New Zealand, it is hard to imagine these occurring, because most of us never saw the warming that I witnessed the Northern hemisphere countries experiencing when I was commuting there in the 1980s and 90s.  I then supported the UN IPCC position because I too was ignorant of causation and because it was not my problem to solve, so I never checked the facts.  Similarly, the recent temperature crash and shorter growing seasons that have been witnessed in North America, Asia and Europe over the last three years are not yet visible here.  Even so, recent events have forced me into a study of the difference between weather and climate and the causation of both warming from 1975-1998, and the current prognosis for cooling. 


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