Of those 11,258 ‘scientists’ (including Mickey Mouse) who declared that the world was going to hell in a handcart due to a climate emergency, 195 were from New Zealand. What were their fields of climate science expertise that lead them to this conclusion?

With a bit of jiggery-pokery, the PDF list of ‘scientists’ from the original article was converted to Excel, sorted by country and then by their self declared “Professional Position and/or Discipline”. Those from New Zealand were copied to this post along with their “Institution”.

Agricultural systems modellingThe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Applied Animal BehaviourUnitec Institute of Technology
Assoc Prof in PhysicsUniversity of Otago
Assoc ProfessorSchool of Animal and Environmental Science, Unitec.
Associate Dean (Research), Division of Health,University of Waikato
Associate ProfessorAuckland University of Technology
Associate ProfessorBiological Sciences, University of Auckland
Associate ProfessorThe University of Auckland
Associate ProfessorToi Ohomai Institute of Technology
Associate ProfessorUniversity of Canterbury
Associate ProfessorUniversity of Canterbury
Associate ProfessorUniversity of Otago
Associate Professor in Systematic BotanyUniversity of Canterbury
Associate Professor of Antarctic BiologyVictoria University of Wellington
Associate Professor of EcologyAuckland University of Technology
Associate Professor, Computer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Associate Professor, Environmental SciencesUniversity of Waikato
Associate Professor, GlaciologyVictoria University of Wellington
Associate Professor, Outdoor EducationUniversity of Otago
Avian ecologist & natural science curatorAuckland Museum
Biochemistry GraduateUniversity College Dublin
BiostatisticianUniversity of Otago
Botany compliance officerUniversity of Otago
ChemistThe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Clinical psychologistAuckland University of Technology
Computer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Computer Science
Conservation BiologistManaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Conservation biologist and ecologist (retired)Formerly New Zealand Department of Conservation
Conservation biologyWaikato Regional Council
Conservation ecologistManaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Consultant – Ecology and PhD candidate – EcologyRiverscapes Freshwater Ecology Ltd and Victoria
Curator of Land Vertebrates (retired)Auckland Museum
Deputy DirectorEcology Division DSIR (retired)
Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Senior LecturerAuckland University of Technology
EcologistTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
EcologistVictoria University
Ecologist (MSc)Lincoln University
Ecologist/Environmental ScientistGovernment
EcologyUniversity of Canterbury
Ecosystems advisor
Emeritus ProfessorUniversity of Otago
Emeritus Professor of GeologyVictoria University of Wellington
Emeritus Professor of Medicine, GastroenterologistUniversity of Otago
Emeritus Professor, Computer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Emertitus Professor of Resource EconomicsLincoln University
Environmental Consultant, lecturer and HonoraryVictoria University of Wellington
Environmental PhysicistFreeman Cook & Associates
Environmental Science ConsultantTonkin & Taylor Ltd.
Environmental Scientist and transdisciplinaryManaaki Whenua
epidemiologistMassey University
Field Representative & EcologistQEII National Trust
Freshwater ecologistDepartment of Conservation
General Manager of Science – Sustainable ProductionNew Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research Ltd
Genetics TechnicianUniversity of Otago
GenomicsMassey University
GeographerUniversity of Canterbury
Health scienceUniversity of Otago
Honorary Academic (analytical chemist)University of Auckland
Honorary Professor, Computer ScienceTe University of Auckland
Honorary Research AssociateDepartment of Conservation
Honours Student, Freshwater EcologyUniversity of Canterbury
LecturerUniversity of Canterbury
lecturer in Academic communication
Lecturer in Applied MathematicsUniversity of Otago
Lecturer in Computer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Lecturer in Ecology and ConservationNorthTec
Lecturer in Medical Laboratory SciencesAuckland University of Technology
Lecturer, Computer ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Marie Curie FellowUniversity of Otago
Marine Biologist
Marine Science
Marine ScientistMinistry for the Environment
MathematicsUniversity of Auckland
MeteorologistMeteorological Service of New Zealand
MeteorologistMeteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
MicrobiologistSchool of Biological Sciences, University of
Molecular Biology
MSc Candidate/ Ecology and BiodiversityVictoria University of Wellington
MSc Student conservation biologyUniversity of Canterbury
MSc Student in Marine BiologyVictoria University of Wellington
MSc student in Marine BiologyVictoria University of Wellington
MSc Student, EcologyUniversity of Canterbury
Obstetrician GynecologistAuckland City Hospital
Operating AgentIEA DSM Technology Collaboration Programme
PalaeoecologistManaaki Whenua Landcare Research
PhD CandidateMassey University
PhD CandidateMassey University
PhD candidate School of ScienceAUT Auckland University of Technology
PhD candidate, Public HealthUniversity of Otago, Wellington
PhD of Plant BiotechnologyUniversity of Canterbury, Christchurch
PhD StudentUniversity of Auckland
PhD student (Environmental Science)University of Auckland
PhD student Biological SciencesTe University of Auckland
PhD student Epigenetics and Developmental BiologyUniversity of Otago
PhD student, Animal ScienceMassey University
PhD Student, BiochemistryUniversity of Waikato
PhD student, Marine ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Physical Chemistry
PhysicsUniversity of Otago
PhysicsUniversity of Otago
Plant Breeder
Plant scientistNZ Institute of Plant and Food Research
Pollination EcologistUniversity of Canterbury
Post Harvest Fruit+Vegetable Research AssociatePlant and Food Research
Postdoc fellow in Atomic PhysicsUniversity of Otago
Postdoctoral FellowMassey University
Postdoctoral FellowUniversity of Canterbury
Postdoctoral FellowUniversity of Canterbury
Post-doctoral ScientistPlant and Food Research
Principal EcologistMyers Ecology Ltd
Principal ScientistAgResearch Ltd
Principal Scientist, Atmosphere and Climate
Professional Practice Fellow/Conservation GeneticsUniversity of Otago
Professional Teaching Fellow, Faculty of ScienceTe University of Auckland
ProfessorUniversity of Canterbury
Professor and Head of the School of BiologicalUniversity of Canterbury
Professor in EcologyUniversity of Auckland
Professor of biogeographyAuckland University of Technology
Professor of Computational BiologyUniversity of Auckland
Professor of Computer ScienceUniversity of Otago
Professor of Conservation BiologyMassey University
Professor of EcologyUniversity of Canterbury
Professor of Microbial EcologySchool of Biological Sciences, University of
Professor of Philosophy and PoliticsUniversity of Otago
Professor of Plant EcologyUniversity of Otago
Professor of PsychologyUniversity of Auckland
Professor of ZoologyUniversity of Otago
Professor of ZoologyUniversity of Otago
Professor, Computer ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Professor, Environmental ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Professor, StatisticsUniversity of Auckland
Professor, ZoologyUniversity of Otago
Research AssociatePlant and Food research
Research AssociatePlant and Food Research ltd
Research AssociateTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Research Associate ProfessorUniversity of Otago
Research associate, entomology
Research fellowOtago University
Research FellowUniversity of Auckland
Research FellowVictoria University of Wellington
Research FellowVictoria University of Wellington
Research Fellow / EcologyVictoria University of Wellington
Research Fellow, Department of ZoologyUniversity of Otago
Research Fellow, PhysicsDepartment of Physics, University of Otago
Research Fellow, PhysicsUniversity of Otago
Research Professor, Cancer GeneticsUniversity of Otago
Research Scientist
ResearcherManaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Restoration EcologistUniversity of Waikato
Retired science officerDepartment of Conservation
Rutherford Discovery Fellow/marine climate changeVictoria University of Wellington
School of Biological SciencesUniversity of Auckland
Science Group Leader, Food & BioproductsNZ Institute for Plant and Food Research
Science Support Biological SciencesESR
ScientistLandcare Research (MWLR)
Scientist – Plant PhysiologyTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Scientist (Plant pathologist)
scientist / biological chemistryPlant and Food Research
Scientist Edible Mycorrhizal FungiTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Scientist Plant pathology and biocontrolTe NZ Institute of Plant and Food Research
Scientist, Analytical chemistryTe New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research
Scientist, Biogeochemistry and geomicrobiologyTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
Scientist, Plant Molecular BiologyPlant and Food Research Ltd
Scientist, Plant PathologyTe New Zealand Institute of Plant and Frood
Seabird scientistAuckland Council
Senior LecturerUniversity of Otago
Senior lecturer in Ecology (retired)Lincoln University
Senior Lecturer in MicrobiologyVictoria University of Wellington
Senior Lecturer in Statistical GeneticsMassey University
Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary ScienceUniversity of Auckland
Senior Lecturer, Marine BotanyUniversity of Otago
Senior Research Fellow (Public Health)Liggins Institute – University of Auckland
Senior Research ScientistAgResearch
Senior ScientistAgResearch
Senior Scientist / Plant PathologyTe New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research
Senior Teaching FellowUniversity of Otago
Senior Tutor and Lecturer in EcologyVictoria University of Wellington
Social scientist, Director, Centre for SustainabilityUniversity of Otago
Sofware Engineer/Computing and MathematicalMeteorological Service of New Zealand Limited
Soil BiochemistTe New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food
studentMassey university
Teaching Fellow/EcologyUniversity of Otago
Teoretical Biologist, Department of PhysicsUniversity of Auckland
Weed biocontrol
Wildlife EcologistManaaki Whenua – Landcare Research
School of Environment, University of Auckland
Te University of Auckland
University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury
University of Waikato

There are a few on that list that are clearly involved in the climate science field but most are not. They have no more credibility than the average person.

An obstetrician, a software engineer, a specialist in Edible Mycorrhizal Fungi, a plant breeder, a genetics technician, a clinical psychologist and and a botany compliance officer!

Well, I’m convinced.


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