The overreach of this Government when it comes to the proposed firearm legislation is really quite disturbing. How can it possibly be justified to even suggest that possession of a single round of ammunition, without even any means of firing said round, be worse than assaulting a child? 

Our minority government are trying to put a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment in place for anyone carrying a round of ammunition. 

The maximum penalty for Assaulting a Child [s.194(a) Crimes Act] is currently only two years’ imprisonment. 

Are these useful idiots really trying to suggest that the physical and mental well-being of a child, one that has actually had violence perpetrated against them, is less than half as important as the fact that someone might have forgotten that he had a .22 round in his back pocket? 

Whatever you do, don’t have one of these in your pocket!

Surely possession of a bullet is way less dangerous than Possession of a knife? Nah of course not, that only carries a maximum lag of three months. [s.13A Summary Offences Act]. 

Heck even Aggravated Assault [s.192 Crimes Act] only carries a maximum time of three years! So let’s look at some other offences that carry a similar maximum penalty

How about Injuring With Intent [s.182(2) Crimes Act], you know, when you intend to do someone actual bodily harm and you carry out your plan? Yep, same penalty as unwittingly having an evil bullet on your person. 

You could even get drunk or drugged and kill an innocent motorist [s.61(3AA Land Transport Act] for the risk of the same penalty. 

And it’s apparently it’s just as bad as smacking someone upside the head with a baseball bat too. Assault with a Weapon also carries five years [s.202c Crimes Act]. 

So what about some other serious offences that are not deemed to be as big of a deal as casual ammo pocketing?

Well there’s Incest, you could commit an Indecent Act on a Dependent Family Member under 18-years-old [s.131(3) Crimes Act] and you would only be subject to the attention of your cell mate Bubba for three years. 

Assaulting Police [s.10 Summary Offences Act] is clearly not a big deal as that only carries a six month maximum penalty. 

Hell even Infanticide [s.178(1) Crimes Act] only carries a maximum of three years, but at least you would have to convince two doctors that you were suffering from mental problems in regard to breastfeeding or similar as an excuse for killing your baby. 

Still, there is one offence that I think needs a much more serious penalty. S.6B of the Summary Offences Act is one that someone might have been seriously worried about for a while. It only carries a maximum sentence of three months jail, but I’d say there was a fair amount of tooth gnashing and pacing about in the stall until Commissioner Bush told everyone ‘nothing to see here, move along‘.


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