Talisker 8yr 59.4% 2018 Diageo Special Release OB


Talisker is a distillery that can be polarising because some think it’s like drinking Diesel while some like drinking diesel so they like Talisker. 

None the less, Most Taliskers are low ABV, because Diageo and big corporates tend to water down whisky – they say its for our drinking pleasure but really, because Capitalism, it’s taking the piss and they want more bottles. 

Come on – but this one is not taking the piss. 

This bottle is 59.4% and it is a distillery bottling. (Clap clap, SLOW CLAP, clap clap) to Diageo for releasing something for a true whisky drinker! Not some watered down cordial meant to make you feel like you are drinking ‘Gatorade for Scotsmen’. 

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