Behrouz Boochani has been a festering parasite greedily sucking the blood of Australian taxpayers for years. Now, he’s New Zealand’s problem. Good riddance. Don’t thank us – we’re just glad to be rid of him at last.

Boochani, the “Refujesus” who steamed up the granny-panties of lefty open-borders enthusiasts, tried to enter Australia illegally twice. The second time, he was nicked and chucked into immigration detention, instead of being booted right back to the people-smugglers in Indonesia. He was free to piss off at any time, of course, but chose to hang out for the welfare-funded good life in Australia.

Australian taxpayers have paid royally to keep this fakefugee deadbeat in the style to which he feels entitled: not just the billions its cost to maintain the detention centres (a cost inflated by the fact that the unwanted, ungrateful gatecrashers kept on trashing the places and burning them down), but tens of thousands in payouts skived from the Australian purse, and a prize for Australian writers to which he had absolutely no entitlement. But the besotted lefties on the judging panel broke the rules to suit their prejudices, and he pocketed the cash, anyway.

But, still: at last we’re free of this unwelcome, ingrateful freeloader. He’s all yours now, New Zealand.

Behrouz Boochani, the Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist who became the voice of those incarcerated on Manus Island, has landed in New Zealand and says he will never return to Papua New Guinea or Australia’s immigration regime.

“I will never go back to that place,” he told the Guardian, shortly after leaving PNG.

For which Australians are eternally grateful, believe me.

His arrival in New Zealand will be of acute political sensitivity in Australia. The Australian government has consistently refused overtures from New Zealand to resettle refugees held in offshore detention, arguing it would undermine Australia’s hardline policies towards boat arrivals.

So, if he’s not “resettled”, how did he manage to squirm his way to New Zealand? Not that we Australians much care, I’m afraid. But, it’s a question New Zealand taxpayers should care about very much.

Boochani left PNG on Wednesday, travelling a circuitous route to reach New Zealand, where he will appear at a literary festival in Christchurch.

He has a one-month visa to stay in New Zealand. He is still hopeful he can resettle in the US – which has accepted him as part of Australia’s “refugee swap” deal struck between Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama.

But if that was denied because he is now in New Zealand, Boochani said: “I will look at possibilities”.

In other words, he’s going to scam the system and exploit every loophole he can to stay put. Like the fakefugee idlers who went back to Nauru after being accepted by America, because America actually expected them to work for a living, he seems awfully picky about which countries he deigns to grace with his presence.

New Zealand has foolishly bared its bum to this greedy leech and now you’ll never prise him off.

“The process for America,” he told the Guardian, “it was too long, I didn’t know. I needed to get out, to be free. I will never go back to PNG or Australian immigration detention.”

So, that’s America, Australia and PNG out. Guess which nation of suckers that leaves?


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