The number one difference between the Left and the Right is that the Left do not care about upsetting people. They are not poll driven fruit cakes. John Key was the best example of the difference between the Left and the Right. Instead of defending right-wing or conservative principles and drawing lines that he would not cross he did whatever the polls told him the people wanted. If the poll that week said that he would lose popularity if he stuck to what National had campaigned on then he would not pursue it.

Look at the anti smacking law and Working for Families. Key was going to revise them yet it never happened once he was in power. He called Working for Families “Communism by stealth” while he was in opposition yet he extended it when in government. Simon Bridges has voted for the Zero Carbon Bill while in opposition and has said that he will “fix it” when National is in power. I am not holding my breath. The reality is that it is only the left that has the balls to dismantle laws put in place by the previous government.

The first thing Labour did when it was in power, was to take away the tax cuts. Zap gone. They didn’t muck around. They didn’t care about our feelings. They were not afraid to upset people.

Under John Key National transformed into Labour lite because Mr Popularity wanted to stay popular by not upsetting people. National under Simon Bridges is trying to follow in John Key’s footsteps by not rocking the boat.

Jacinda Ardern on the other hand doesn’t care who she upsets. She is on a globalist, socialist path and she is sticking to it. She is not going to change her direction even if she loses some popularity points doing so. She believes in what she is doing and while she has the power to makes changes she will make them. Obviously she gets stopped by NZ First on occasion but everyone knows that had she been able to she would have ploughed ahead with the Capital Gains Tax. She didn’t care about upsetting people then and she doesn’t care now. She may have kicked the can down the road with regard to farmers and the Zero Carbon Bill but we all know that she intends to shaft them if she is still in power after the next election.

Simon Bridges on the other hand is wearing a green tie and going all in on the bogus Climate Change nonsense. The difference between the Left and Right in New Zealand couldn’t be more stark.


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