When two of the world’s major democracies seem unable to implement the most basic of democratic processes, you can only wonder at what the future might hold for the rest of the world.

The people of the UK chose, in a free election process, to leave the European Union. Three years later, the will of the people still hasn’t been carried out by parliament and “remainers” are still arguing that there should be a new referendum and that they were misled and that there hasn’t been a deal and God knows what else.

Deal or No Deal is irrelevant. That question wasn’t asked.

The question posed in the referendum was:

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

With the responses to be marked with a single [X]

Remain a member of the European Union
Leave the European Union

It has been argued that the referendum was not binding and, from a constitutional perspective, that has been confirmed by the High Court. However, the politicians did commit and the public voted. You can’t replay the game until you get the result you want. That’s not how democracy works and hopefully the December election will bring this debacle to an end.

Meanwhile, a significant part of the population of the world’s largest democracy, the USA refuses to accept the result of the 2016 election. Not because the election was unlawful. Not because there were irregularities. But because their guy (or gal in this case) didn’t win.

For goodness sake, universities across the US set up “safe” spaces for students who couldn’t cope and “celebrities” wept on their Twitter accounts that they were going to leave the country (none did by the way) and all because the other guy won the election. Grow up, people.

It’s jokingly been called Trump Derangement Syndrome but honestly, it’s well beyond a joke. The democratically elected leader of the West’s largest and most significant superpower, can’t get on with the job because his opponents are doing everything they possibly can to overthrow him.

How can it be that the USA, which has a constitution that covers pretty much everything regarding freedom and democracy, doesn’t seem to be able to toss traitors who attempt to overthrow the constitutionally elected president, in the slammer. What’s that about?

The Democrats have lied and misled the American people for three years and are continuing to do so today. It is an embarrassment that could well do irreparable harm to the entire country.

It seems using the word “impeach” rather than “overthrow” makes all the lying and cheating OK – in some minds anyway. We should despair for our friends in the US and hope it all ends very soon. Don’t bet your house on it.


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