The three Laphroaig Stooges


Laphroaig is usually something that people say they drink – because they have not had any other whisky or they think it’s cool. OR in the rare occasion they actually like it. I kid I kid, Just being a dick. 

Laphroaig is polarising because it tastes like ashtrays. 

It is such a beast that during prohibition era the govt allowed it for sale in pharmacies thinking it was medicine and that no one in the right mind would imbibe in such a beverage. 

This is a 3 part episode – Not gonna review a Laphroaig 10yo, Sorry but that is just boring stuff. 

This 3 part episodes will review and side by side: 
Laphroaig 18yo Distillery bottling;

Laphroaig 17yo Adelphi bottling;

and side by side the two because nothing compares to side by siding then on the spot. 

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