One of my farming friends used to say, “Never criticise farming while you’ve got a full belly”. While a bit long on self-righteousness (the same farmer also freely acknowledges that many farmers are prone to whinging and demanding handouts), there is a rock-solid foundation of truth: without agriculture, you don’t have much else. Remember that someone farmed the avocados you have on your hipster cafe smashed avo breakfast en route to the Extinction Rebellion protest.

But what’s even worse is that, for every swivel-eyed vegan storming an innocent lettuce farm, there’s also a taxpayer-funded bureaucrat doing just as much damage.

Most people who work in agriculture scratch their heads in wonderment, perplexed about when and why the western world declared war on food and fibre producers? It seems that at every turn there is a new piece of legislation designed to shut down farming, causing irreparable harm to our national food security. As a sixth-generation primary producer, it can be hard to come to grips with a nation that seems to be intent on imploding. As any thinking person can tell you, without a robust agricultural sector, we are only a hair’s breadth away from being a third-world nation.

As was recently revealed, the vegan activist behind the rash of farm raids in Australia is enthusiastically backed by his mother – who just happens to be a high-level agriculture bureaucrat in the Federal public service. Well-fed, inner-city green politicians relentlessly campaign against the agriculture industry.

At every turn, the politicians and bureaucrats seem to be working together with the UN to bring about a globalist agenda, rather than look for the national good. The climate cult is causing a mass shift of the wealth and resources to the global elite.

Michael Crichton’s Climate of Fear put forward the case that a culture of fear is being deliberately inculcated in order to manipulate the gullible West. Simon Briscoe’s non-fiction Panicology detailed this very cult of fear being used to derail every endeavour, from medicine, to science, to politics.

Vast numbers of people […] are governed by the agenda of fear. They now march in the street screaming about bringing in total renewable energy by 2030 otherwise we are completely doomed […]Sadly, they don’t realise that they are dooming themselves if [their agenda] is enacted. There will be very few jobs, electricity will be unaffordable, and people will be reduced to extreme poverty. These very same people also have a belief system that has been fed to them over the past decades, that agriculture is cruel, and the farmers are just plain greedy, and need to be closely monitored, as they can’t be trusted with land or animals.

Governments fall over themselves to enact legislation that is in line with the hysteria of this generation.

While the terror-like campaign of farm invasions is obvious, the most insidious weapon being wielded against agriculture is bureaucracy. Water management in Australia has become a bureaucratic nightmare, exacerbating the current drought ten-fold. Farmers whose properties are turning into dust-bowls are forced to watch millions of litres of water go by in “environmental flows”.

Take, for instance, the legislation that has been recently passed by the Queensland State Government regarding the Great Barrier Reef. This legislation has used “erroneous” science to cripple agriculture along the coast of Queensland, extending inland many hundreds of kilometres to “save the reef”.

Despite the evidence that the “science” used to justify this legislation is deeply suspect, farmers are threatened with massive fines and criminal convictions for such things as allowing leaves, bark or animal manure to enter creeks and rivers. Likewise, if they are caught feeding their animals the natural fodder, mulga tree, during drought.

It doesn’t seem too paranoid, any more, to see this war on agriculture as marching in lockstep with the culture of fear. It’s all about control.

Control of the food production and the water equals control of the nation’s future.


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