Australian PM Scott Morrison has shown a commendable willingness to stand up to the bullies of globalism on the world stage. He has repudiated the hypocritical sniping of the Pacific Islands Forum, told the UN to its face to take a hike on climate alarmism, and sided with US president Trump against the globalist agenda.

If only he showed more of the same brass at home.

It’s insane. We have hysterics sobbing on TV, gluing themselves to our roads and spitting on people going to a mining conference. We have wild-eyed people so bizarrely convinced that global warming will kill us all that children are skipping school and adults are fighting police in our streets. And what’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to this mass madness?

No, it’s not to explain why there’s actually no climate catastrophe. Not once has Morrison dared say that.

Instead, he now proposes…new laws to stop protesters who “disrupt people’s jobs and their livelihoods”.

While there is some small commendation in being willing to stand up to the zealous nutcases of Extinction Rebellion, Morrison’s response also betrays what is in fact the greatest fault with his government: its almost paranoid obsession with “security”. Because the plain fact is that we already have laws which should be able to deal with these loons: laws against trespass, blocking public thoroughfares, assaulting police and their horse, and spitting on and assaulting people going about their lawful business.

What we don’t have is the political and judicial will to properly enforce those laws.

Just ask Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. He had far-Left protesters on the roof of his office, scaring his staff and unfurling a banner calling him an “international criminal”.

But what did the magistrate say to the protesters? That he’d be proud if his daughter had been part of that protest.

Or take the magistrate who refused last month to jail Extinction Rebellion organiser Eric Herbert for locking himself to a car in the street, even though it was his eighth time in court on protest-related offences in just four months, most involving blocking Brisbane’s roads at peak hour.

We have the laws. But we also have a judiciary which has been white-anted by a succession of left-wing governments handing out judicial jobs to their mates, and a succession of conservative governments too gutless to do anything about it.

Instead of insisting that perfectly adequate existing laws actually be enforced, the Morrison government is taking the lamentable step of restricting our liberties with ever-more laws. Its “religious freedom” legislation is another example. The religious freedom problem is easily fixed: repeal the odious web of “human rights” laws that restrict our freedom of speech.

Let us generously allow that the Morrison government has its heart in the right place. Morrison’s willingness to stand up to globalists and their cronies in the Australian Public Service suggest as much. But its head is in entirely the wrong place when it comes to its domestic legislative agenda.

Instead of restricting more and more what the state says we are allowed to say and do, the Morrison government needs to reassert the basic principle of liberty: what the state is not allowed to stop us saying and doing.


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