Justin Trudeau has repeatedly been busted playing dress-up.

National’s troll farm constantly criticises Jacinda Ardern for playing dress-up as well.

I wonder what those same National trolls will say now about Christopher Luxon, who was spotted on the weekend playing dress-up?

Pretender to National’s throne, Christopher Luxon and Simeon Brown, MP

The only thing missing from Luxon’s attempt to out dress-up Trudeau and Jacinda was some black-face makeup.

On the one hand, he wants to blend in, on the other, he is screaming “vote for me.” What a conundrum for the candidate.

Does he understand that “Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians” according to Simon Bridges?

I think Luxon is in the wrong party. He seems to suit the wokeness and sopping wet politics of the left far more than the alleged conservatism of the National party.

He’s just another sopping wet, woke Trudeau wannabe without the dashing good looks. The very last thing the National party needs in a potential leader.


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