News of a surge in reported hate crimes in the past few years is invariably met with screeches of “Trump!” and a chorus of blame from the smug elitists in the media, but digging into the figures paints a different picture.

The bulk of hate crimes are directed at Jews. The perpetrators increasingly are not the shaven-headed neo-Nazis (although the fringe right still has a significant rump of anti-Semitism that must be resolutely confronted) of the media’s febrile imaginations. Instead, while anti-Semitism is becoming horrifyingly common on the political left (indeed, almost endemic in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour), crime data in Australia shows that certain migrant groups are shockingly over-represented in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Josh Frydenberg has called for Australians to be better educated about the Holocaust after reports of two apparently anti-Semitic events in which a 12-year-old was forced to kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate and a five-year-old was allegedly named a “Jewish cockroach”.

A decade ago, Christopher Hitchens wrote of seeing swastika symbols plastered in supposedly cosmopolitan Beirut. Mass Muslim immigration in Britain and Europe has likewise been associated with a shocking rise of anti-Semitic violence. When Muslim extremists murdered the staff of Charlie Hebdo, their concurrent target was a Jewish supermarket. Jews are routinely harassed and attacked, in France, the Netherlands and Germany.

It should surprise no-one to see the same script being played out, here in Australia.

The Treasurer said he was deeply concerned anti-Semitism was creeping into schools following a report in The Jewish News detailing the bullying in Victoria, and reflected a growing trend across the community of a 60 per cent rise in anti-Semitic incidents…

According to The Jewish News, a Year 7 boy at Cheltenham Secondary College was forced to get down on his knees and kiss another student’s shoes while a five-year-old at Hawthorn West Primary was teased about his circumcised penis to the extent he stopped going to the toilet and wet himself in class.

The younger student, who was also reportedly called a “Jewish cockroach”, is being homeschooled and the high school student has changed schools.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich said […]“We are facing a crisis of huge proportions, and unless this growing emergency is tackled head on and effectively, we will see even a greater exodus of young Jewish people out of the public school system.”

Well, as Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray have warned, you can have a tolerant, diverse, liberal society, or you can have mass Muslim immigration. As the Jews, ever the canaries in the coal-mine of hate, are learning, you can’t have both.