Women are being progressively screwed– in every sense of the word – by rainbow ideology. While the rainbow left trumpet their self-assumed virtues of “tolerance, diversity and inclusion”, the truth is that they exhibit remarkably little tolerance for dissent, diversity only insofar as it fits in their increasingly straitjacketed definitions, and inclusion only for their intersectional pets.

Women who dissent from the transient fads of the far left are ruthlessly excluded. Erased, in fact. As the Council of Disobedient Women have noted, the erasure of women from even such essential characteristics of womanhood as pregnancy is not just exclusion, it’s dehumanisation.

Now, women are being dehumanised in an even more humiliating way by the ever-more-woke British police.

Police forces across Britain are allowing rapists to be recorded as female if they no longer wish to identify with their male birth sex.

Six forces this month disclosed that they have adopted the practice for suspected and convicted rapists who identify as transgender. The revelations came in response to a freedom of information law request by Fair Play for Women, a women’s rights group.

[…] South Yorkshire police, who were among the six.

South Yorkshire police disgustingly failed to protect thousands of young girls under their watch from being ruthlessly and repeatedly raped, on an industrial scale, by so-called “grooming” gangs. But they are bending over backwards to pander to rapists.

An additional five forces, including British Transport Police, did not directly answer a question about how they deal with rapists but said they record gender in keeping with a person’s wishes.

Fair Play Director Nicola Williams said that by accepting rapists’ stated gender identity, British police are disrespecting female rape victims.

“You can’t get much more of a male crime than rape,” she told The Times. “It would be highly offensive to a woman who was raped to have it written down that her attacker was a female when clearly that was a male with a penis.”

[…] Britain legally defines rape as penetration with a penis without consent.


There is no such thing as a “female penis”. A penis is a defining characteristic of maleness. “Trans women” are men. As we are seeing, often very disturbed and dangerous men. Pandering to their dangerous delusions is not just a humiliating erasure of women, but a crazy debasement of our entire society.


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