A popular rebuttal to the Klimate Kiddies is that they should walk the walk, give up their power-gobbling devices and stop riding mummy and daddy’s gas-guzzling 4WD to school. Another way these shrieking ninnies could put their money where their mouths are is to give up air-conditioning.

That’s not about to happen. In fact, quite the opposite.

More than 1300 schools have put their hands up for airconditioning under the Cooler Classrooms program, but almost a year after the first round of recipients was announced, just 27 have so far received it.

Work has begun at another 23 schools under the five-year, $500 million project, according to figures from the NSW Department of Education. But the NSW opposition argued that at this rate, the airconditioning rollout would take decades.

So, while we are seeing another example of government efficiency on a par with Kiwibuild, the real story is that schools – which last week were striking to protest climate change – are nonetheless clamouring for air-conditioning.

It’s almost like they don’t really care about climate change at all!

But, with the sort of logic we’ve come to expect from climate activists, they’re claiming they need all that planet-killing air-con because of climate change. They have to kill the planet in order to live with it.

The figures came as a climate expert warned the department was in a race against time to deliver airconditioning, with temperatures across Sydney increasing and each extra degree of heat reducing learning capacity by two per cent.


Well, they could always trade-off against that by ditching all the PC garbage about transgenderism and climate change that they’re clogging children’s minds with. Ditch the watermelon rubbish and net learning capacity would soar, even in a heatwave.

Besides, do they want to save the planet, or not?

This isn’t just old-fart snarking, either. It’s a fundamental principle. Either these foolish children (and that’s just the teachers) believe the garbage they’re shrieking at us, or they don’t. If they do believe it – really, really believe it – then surely no sacrifice would be too much? If they really believe we have just ten years to save, not just humanity, but life on earth from extinction, they’d be doing absolutely everything, anything, they could to reduce their carbon footprint.

The fact they absolutely refuse to do even the least little thing to do so gives the lie to their nonsense.


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