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To the regular person the internet is used for social media, YouTube, surfing the internet, work and definitely a lot of procrastination. For paedophiles, however, it is the perfect breeding ground to find and to begin to exploit their victims.

We currently live in an age where kindness and ‘being nice’ is the highest priority virtue in all situations. This message is passed down to our children through our schools, their parents and the media.

What these politically correct advocates don’t seem to realise, is that kindness without caution leads to an abundance of unfortunate events.

I’ve often had debates with my friends about this very topic. Some of them perceive the world to be a place where offending someone is the height of rudeness and should be avoided at all times. You’re probably laughing at the thought of my friends right now. That’s okay. I laugh at them too.

But in reality, this supposed highest virtue is leading our children down a dark path where adults who should know better lurk in the shadows, actively anticipating every boy and girl who walks down it.

This is because this doctrine does two things to a person’s mentality. It firstly causes them to become naive. When you’re told simply to be kind and not cautious, you treat everyone as if they pose no threat. Sadly, some people do.

Secondly, a person with this mentality is very easy to manipulate. As we see in the Jessica Yaniv story below, all you must do to achieve continuous contact, even if the victim would prefer that you don’t talk to them, is to tell them you have struggles, to generate their empathy.

This article presents a look into the mind of one such person who is accused of preying on children and how they were able to achieve access to their victims through the easy access of the internet.

Jessica Rumple was one such victim of the kindness doctrine. It led to her befriending Jessica Yaniv, at the time named Jonathan Yaniv, and experiencing what it’s like to have an unstable and potentially dangerous person in regular contact.

Ask.fm was a website very popular with young people about 5 years ago where anyone could ask account holders questions anonymously with the answers available for anyone to see. Unfortunately, due to its anonymous nature, bullying and sexual themes were common towards younger people across the site.

Jessica Rumple was one such person who had an Ask.fm account when she was 14. Jonathan Yaniv found it. 

According to Rumple, an account that used the profile picture of Elmo, the beloved character from the children’s show Sesame Street (keep this in mind as you read on), started asking her questions. It started with innocent questions which Rumple apparently found adorable, but it gradually became sexual and she began to feel ‘uncomfortable and violated’.

Jessica Yaniv then added Rumple on a messaging platform called Kik which is known to authorities across the world as a place that paedophiles would regularly communicate with each other and their victims.

As the pattern goes with all of Yaniv’s conversations, his communication with Rumple began innocently, but quickly became sexual and rather creepy, with themes commonly containing references to bathrooms, female pads/tampons and girls’ clothing.

To give examples, here are some screenshots taken from an article by The Post Millennial of the alleged messages sent between Yaniv and Rumple while Rumple was 15 and Yaniv was 27:



And finally, the last example which is why I asked you to remember the Elmo account from Ask.fm. A video recording of a sound file sent by Yaniv to Rumple of him using an Elmo accent.


Be warned, it is disturbing.

So why did Jessica Rumple continue to talk to Yaniv even though as you can see in the above screenshots, she was obviously being creeped out.

Kindness without caution.

A quote from Rumple in an interview with The Post Millennial states “He [Yaniv] liked to make himself the victim. He actually told me he had folliculitis and depression … I always wanted to be there for anyone who was suffering. Anyone who needed someone to listen to them.”

Whether Yaniv’s claims of depression and folliculitis are true or false, the fact that simply positioning yourself as the victim will cause others around you to treat you with kindness without caution, is a worrying threat to our society.

For one thing, this doctrine leads the children of our nation to become vulnerable to predators who position themselves as victims.

And the second: by treating kindness as a higher virtue than truth, we risk not telling people what may hurt in the short term, but will help them immensely in the future. We’ve all seen or heard about teenagers and adults who were never disciplined as children because their parents didn’t want to offend.

This doctrine is inherently dangerous to our society. We must move towards valuing truth as the highest priority if we are to have any hope of continuing the development of our society in a positive direction.


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