As predicted here at The BFD, Christopher Luxon has declared he is seeking the National party nomination for Botany.

Former Air New Zealand chief Christopher Luxon has put his name up to be the National Party candidate in the Auckland seat of Botany, according to reports.

Luxon’s future with National has been the subject of much speculation since he said in June that he would leave Air NZ at the end of September.

He had previously indicated he was interested in a future in politics, and his natural political home would be the National Party.

1News reports Luxon had confirmed he would be putting himself forward as the National in Botany from 2020.

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He will have announced this early because he is trying to take out other people who are putting their names in the hat, like cancer campaigner Troy Elliot and one of Jami-lee Ross’s snitches to Newsroom, Katrina Bungard.

Let’s hope that Luxon can explain why it is that Auckland’s cab drivers really hate getting him as a client.

It should be an interesting selection process. Simon Bridges now has someone coming in who really wants his job. Luxon used to write down his goals on his office desk pad; one of them was Prime Minister of NZ.

No surprises that John Key has backed Luxon, he is clearly disappointed with Simon Bridges too. Luxon should be careful though, as the National caucus really won’t like him being too presumptuous about his prospects and you can be assured that all but the wets in caucus will be looking for a chance to shiv the pretender.

Todd Muller will be particularly aggrieved as he has been shaping up to have a crack at Bridges and this may cramp his style.

I don’t think Judith Collins will be worried too much about a sopping wet virtue-signaller like Luxon.

Christopher Luxon and PM Jacinda Ardern


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