In his history of 1970s leftist terrorism, Days of Rage, Bryan Burroughs writes that, “the most startling thing…is how thoroughly it has been forgotten”. There were nearly 2000 bombings in the U.S. in 1972 alone. This is not a history taught in schools or ever mentioned by a media too busy hunting down imaginary “racism” like OK signs.

Although global terrorist attacks have declined slightly in the past few years, they remain at record highs not seen in the last 40 years. Not that you’d know, from reading the legacy media. Any more than you’d have known, from police or social workers, about a decades-long campaign of sexual terror waged in Britain.

The following is just a sample of this week in jihad. Take note of how, when they can’t avoid reporting terrorism, the legacy media and authorities reflexively resort to spin.

A truck drove through a traffic light in Limburg in Hesse into several vehicles […]

Astonishing: a truck drove itself? Well, of course there was a driver. Just don’t ask the police to tell you why he did it.

The man was said to have hijacked the truck and deliberately rammed the cars […]“with the driver saying ‘Allah’ on several occasions”[…]

The police of Westhessen wrote on Twitter: “Please note: The suspect has been arrested, our investigations are underway – please hold back with guesswork, no one needs trolls or wild speculation.”

[Translation by Jihad Watch]

The usual spin is at work in this report, too.

A 54-year-old Manhattan man has pleaded guilty to assault as a hate crime for shoving and hurling homophobic slurs at a woman as she road [sic] a subway last year.

What? Just any old, random “Manhattan man”?

Allasheed Allah […]started to argue with a 20-year-old woman […][who] had been with a friend who kissed her on the cheek. Allah, seeing the smooch, yelling out, “Kiss her again, you […]” and incorporated profanity. He followed the pair when they got off the train, then walked behind the victim and hit her once in the head and chest, shoving her into a nearby pole.

Obviously a Methodist.

When Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub, he explicitly stated that his motive was revenge for U.S. operations against ISIS. His father also reported that the sight of gay men kissing enraged the young Muslim extremist. The legacy media and activists chose to blame Republicans and the NRA instead.

Police in France are similarly determined not to see the (literally) bleeding obvious.

The investigation is today continuing into the [stabbing] attack at the Préfecture de Police in Paris on Thursday that left four people dead and fifth critically injured before the attacker himself was shot dead…A police source told The Local that the suspect, who was deaf, converted to Islam in recent months, […]however there was nothing to suggest he had become radicalised.

Apart from, y’know, the terrorist attack. Or is it that Islamic terrorism isn’t “radicalised”?

The killer […]had tried to justify to a colleague the killings in January 2015 at the magazine Charlie Hebdo and had done the same for other radical Islamist killings.

[…]other potential clues — including a video the killer posted on Facebook that imitated throat-cutting — were missed by the police administration that surrounded him, at the heart of an organization dedicated to fighting terrorism […]The killer also had contacts with “several individuals suspected of being part of the Salafist movement,” Mr. Ricard said.

Nope, nothing to suggest radicalisation here, folks.

Meanwhile, Boko Haram is continuing its campaign of murderous terrorism against Christians in Nigeria, and in Sweden, one in four women now report being afraid to leave their homes, as that country’s imported rape crisis continues.

And that’s the week in jihad. As you see, nothing to worry about. Go back to your climate strikes and ignore that bearded fellow shouting from the cab of that rental truck.


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This Week in Jihad

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