Waitakere Licensing Trust

For the Licensing Trust elections, I think we need a revamp for the rating system


It’s going to be a different approach to the candidates for Waitakere Licensing Trust. 

Due to the unique situation in these Trust elections, my recommendations are based on whether a candidate is competent, double or triple dipping, and their views on a referendum on the Trusts monopoly. 

Some of the candidates are terrible or inexperienced, so if they’re in favour of the trust monopoly I support them. Some of the wards require tactical votes to keep nasty or experienced incumbents out.

One tick means I’m comfortable with voting for them (up to five ticks)

One cross means I’m opposed to voting for them (up to five crosses)

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 1

(2 seats)

Penny Hulse – Independent

Penny has retired from the Council but isn’t old enough to get Super. Guess she thinks this will hold her over until then. Get rid of her for good.

Brooke Loader – Labour Party

Nice enough woman but a complete wowser. 

“This is not what we want for our community.”

Lacks an understanding of what ‘we’ and ‘our’ mean.

Amanda Roberts – Trusts Action Group

“A member of the trusts action group advocating for greater choice, transparency and democracy, I support a referendum on the monopoly. This will give the community it’s right to choose and bring greater economic and social benefits to the region.”

The Trusts Action Group have four policy areas we support: Choice, Transparency, Democracy and Giving Back.

Choice: The West Auckland region is growing and people’s tastes are changing. I feel it’s important that the Trusts are listening to and serving the needs and desires of its growing community.

Transparency: I would like to see the West Auckland Licensing Trusts providing information to the same level as the Invercargill Licensing Trusts releases.

Democracy: It’s been more than 15 years since the last vote on the Trusts monopoly, the community should have more say.

Giving Back: I support giving back at least 80% of annual profits and redesigning the existing giving back programme to ensure more benefits to the wider community.


Nick Smale – Trusts Action Group

“I love going out to spend time with my friends and family while sharing great food, wine and beer. For me, licensed venues are places where people can come together and connect with each other. West Auckland’s hospitality scene could be so much better.

I’m passionate about The Trusts and want them to become more open and honest, to give back better (and more), and to bring to life West Auckland’s ambitions. It’s time the Trusts truly served the community’s best interests.

As a member of the Trusts Action Group, advocating for greater choice, transparency and democracy, I support a referendum on The Trusts’ monopoly. Our community deserves a choice.”

“I’m standing for the Waitakere Licensing Trust because I want The Trusts to start truly serving the people of West Auckland. Right now, that means nailing their core functions of running great bars and bottle stores and distributing the profits to support the community. It also means respecting the community by providing them with clear, honest information and a much, much greater level of transparency.

I also want West Auckland to have an open and honest debate about the role we want our licensing trusts to play. Is continuing the monopoly the right way forward for West Auckland or would competition deliver better outcomes. Whatever West Auckland decides, I want to ensure The Trusts put the interests of the community first.

Ultimately, I’m standing for The Trusts because I think they can be better than they are today.”

MY RECOMMENDATIONS: You have two votes

  • Amanda Roberts – Trusts Action Group
  • Nick Smale – Trusts Action Group

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 2

(3 seats)

John Carrodus – Independent

John has a background as a teacher, principal, builder and plasterer as well as other local boards and community groups. He’s a believer in the trust model, wants it to do better but doesn’t mention any financial or business background.

Dan Collins – Labour Party

Another believer in the current model. I don’t see how his election would be an improvement

Linda Cooper – Independent

“I believe in the value of the community owning and governing its own liquor and hospitality business as a social enterprise where members of the board are elected locally.”

Community ownership is a meaningless buzzword with no relevance. If she moved any further left she’d land in China.

“If the trading rights enjoyed now are gone it will take about two weeks for supermarkets to clear an aisle and fill it with beer and wine. That will wipe out the Trusts profit and mean little or no return to local people.”

Without Licensing Trusts who will distribute the screwdriver sets?

“Yes alcohol might become cheaper because of the big buying power of the supermarket duopoly and available in many more places but is that what our community really want?”

Communities aren’t a homogenous thinking entity. Communities don’t express opinions. Communities are an artificial collective containing thousands of individuals with thousands of different values and opinions. In 2003, 42% of individuals in that community said that is what they really do want.

I no longer drink but when I did I liked being able to buy some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world for less than $10 a bottle. In West Auckland, a First Aid kit with contaminated saline solution doesn’t make bottom shelf, overpriced crap taste any nicer. 

Andrew Flanagan – Trusts Action Group

“I moved to Waitakere almost ten years ago and was disappointed by the lack of family friendly bars and eateries. I have two young children and would love to see more places where West Aucklanders can take their families to socialise and enjoy great food.

As a successful business owner, with a family background in hospitality, I see many ways to improve the Trusts giving-back ratio while also increasing the vibrancy and choice of venues to socially connect.

A vote for me is a vote for fresh, competent vision and guidance. I am no politician; nor have any political ambitions. All I want is to help West Auckland flourish by reforming The Trusts which currently hold back our community.

As a member of the Trusts Action Group, advocating for greater choice, transparency and democracy, I support a referendum on The Trusts’ monopoly. Our community deserves a choice.

“Over the past 6 years the Trusts gave back a paltry 14%… 14%! In 2011 they gave back $38,000. Where is all our money going? I want transparency and I will push to open the books for all to see what’s going on. I want to release 80% of profits immediately back to the community and I want to increase the donations to many more charities.

I also passionately want family friendly venues where we can socialise and feel safe in West Auckland.

Let’s reform the Trusts.”

Warren Flaunty – Independent

Flaunty has been on the Licensing Trusts for 33 years. Time to go!

John Loau

John isn’t a Trusts Action candidate but he does support holding a referendum on the Trust’s current licensing authority.

Adam Quill – Independent

Adam also supports keeping the Trusts but thinks they need significant reform.

– Genuine hardship in our communities to be sought out and targeted with direct funding.

– The Waitakere Licensing Trust’s underperforming investments ($12 Million earning less than inflation, before tax) to be distributed to the community in short order.

Some key business initiatives I stand to pursue are

– Trialling home delivery with strict host-responsibility practices.

– Exploring in-supermarket partnerships.

– Modernising the existing loyalty scheme, including mobile app integration, to better meet the needs of our customers.

Finally, I will advocate for maximising transparency across all aspects of The Trusts business and operations, including the “West Auckland Trust Services” Joint Venture.

John Riddell – Independent

Riddell is a current member of the Licensing Trust and believes in the current system

MY RECOMMENDATION You get up to three votes 

  • Andrew Flanagan – Trusts Action Group
  • John Loau
  • Adam Quill – Independent

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 3

(1 seat)

Mark Allen – Future West

Mark Allen is also running for Waitakere Ranges Local Board, which he will likely win so probably views the Licensing Trust as a way to top up the terrible pay local board members get.

He thinks the Waitakere Licensing Trust is too focussed on financial success. If you want to give large grants to the community, financial success is actually vital.

Don’t let him anywhere near this position.

Heather Tanguay – Independent

The former Mayor of Palmerston North wants to pay Trust employees a Living Wage. On September 24, the Trusts voted to make that happen. Now Heather has nothing to do. 

MY RECOMMENDATION: Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing a politician can do.

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 4

Lynette Adams – Independent

Strong advocate of the trusts. CEO of Sport Waitakere for 15 years. Not a Labour candidate

Murali Kumar – Labour Party

Strong advocate of the trusts. Labour candidate. Has worked with local and central government for many years.

MY RECOMMENDATION You get one vote and it barely matters in this case

  • Lynette Adams – Independent.


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