This Monday is the only English language election debate that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will participate in. But his hand-picked debate commission has banned reporters from Rebel Media as well as other conservative media from even attending the debate.

It’s a shocking violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Rebel Media were told that they had been banned on Saturday and immediately hired a law firm that is going to work all weekend so they can seek an emergency injunction on Monday

Rebel Media are not asking to be among the five journalists allowed to ask Trudeau questions as they know that he would never allow that. They simply want to be allowed in the building just as a hundred other journalists will be.

They have been banned but other media just like China’s Communist propaganda arm, Xinhua, have been welcomed. It’s outrageous.

The official excuse is that Rebel Media’s opinions are too strong. That’s a joke because the biggest journalism union in Canada, called Unifor, has officially formed an election SuperPAC to promote Trudeau. Yet they have the bald faced cheek to accuse Rebel Media of being partisan!

They’ve done this to the journalist from True North Andrew Lawton as well. They’re keeping out anyone who leans conservative.

So both True North and Rebel News have decided to seek an emergency court injunction on Monday morning, to stop Trudeau’s hand-picked debates commission from keeping them both out of the building.

This really is David and Goliath.

if you would like to assist them in their battle you can go

This is about freedom of the press; it’s about making the election campaign more democratic and meaningful; and it’s about stopping Trudeau’s bizarre war on journalists that he seems to be getting away with during this campaign, and no-one else is stopping him. Well, we’re going to stop him.

P.S. Imagine if Stephen Harper had banned liberal-leaning journalists from attending the official debates — it would be the top story on the news — Harper cracking down on freedom of the press! Well, that’s what Trudeau, his hand-picked debates commission, and all the Media Party journalists are doing to us.

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