George has been unwittingly writing Guest posts for us for a while now (I steal them from General debate) and so far he has eluded attempts to talk him into becoming an official BFD writer. I have therefore made a “Captains Call”, and from now on his much read and enjoyed articles will come with their very own meme.

By George, I think he’s got it!

The suggestion that Ardern may be presented with a Nobel Peace Prize due to her extravagant and theatrical response to the Christchurch terrorist attack indicates that the COL’s cover-up of the whole sordid affair has been successfully manipulated into a positive diversion, avoiding all truth.

Under Ardern’s watch, we have two major sex scandals within her own party and the massacre of fifty-one people committed by an undetected “terrorist”. Ardern, as always, appears after the event, promising reform and sympathy. Her profound grandstanding is no more than the camouflages of the guilty. No, she wasn’t involved in the sex scandals, nor did she pull the triggers of Brenton Tarrant’s rifles, but as leader of Labour and the Prime Minister of NZ, the questions have to be asked: How, what, when, where and why are these things happening under her leadership? Who’s on the bridge?

  • What was the Security Intelligence Service doing when it was reportedly claimed that Tarrant had posted extremist views on anonymous online forums like 8chan?
  • How did the Security Intelligence Service not observe Tarrant’s reported connection with a spokesman for Austria’s far-right youth movement?
  • Why didn’t the Security Intelligence Service discover his 74-page manifesto published on 8chan well before the attacks?

All these claims were made and reported in the New York Times on 18 June 2018. Why isn’t Ardern keeping us up to date with this investigation? All of the emphasis is on how spectacularly she is dealing with the mess, but there is never a word about why her administration failed New Zealand and its Muslim community and the sexual assault victims within her own party.

Andrew Little is directly responsible for the activities of the Security Intelligence Service and his COL’s sidekicks are Ghahraman for the Greens, and Ron Mark for NZ First. This line up may explain a lot!

The MSM does not seem interested in getting answers either. It appears the stay-at-home father Clarke Gayford’s adventures and baby-raising skills have priority as news these days.

Ardern struts the World stage with a swagger of virtuousness while her messes at home fester on. Nobel Peace Prize? Why? If the All Blacks were beaten by Namibia would captain Sam Whitelock get player of the day? If the Greens had any input they would claim he was a white supremacist and demand his locking partner be a Blacklock in a skirt in the name of diversity. That’s how bizarre New Zealand politics are under this Coalition of Losers.


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