Dear Editor

The NZ Herald does an excellent job of republishing the failings of Trump, his wife and his children.

The problem is that the internet gives the New Zealand public uncontrolled access to news sources other than the mainstream media. Breitbart News and Infowars being prime examples.

Publications like these undermine the mainstream media’s anti-Trump narrative. Their reportage diminishes the credibility of the Herald’s anti-Trump revelations. Such matters as the inappropriate shoes worn by Trump’s wife to an event are undermined by reports in the garbage media of, for example, the low unemployment level of Black Americans that Trump has achieved. This is in direct opposition to the mainstream media’s political objectives and, I suggest, must be countered.

I propose that the NZ Herald put to the New Zealand Media Council that our government should call for the destruction of all disruptive media, or at the very least block them from the internet. This would include social media who are not doing enough to block right-wing political views.

A call by our beloved and much respected Prime Minister would, I am sure, bring about action from the United Nations. Also from countries which recognise the danger which Trump (and his cronies in the UK and Australia) represent to the progressive movement.

Our friends in China know how to control the population’s access to the internet so other nations should follow the Chinese lead.

Yours faithfully

Outraged of Ponsonby

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Letter to The Editor: New Media Undermine ‘Mainstream’ Media Narratives


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