The creepy grooming campaign by transgender activists gets sleazier and more dangerous by the day. We’ve had the sinister “Safe Schools” and “Mates and Dates” indoctrination programs, which subject children from their earliest school years to a relentless schedule of weirdly sexualised Marxist absurdities, including “role-playing” and lessons on how to write sex personals and send nude selfies.

Now, the indoctrinators are demanding that children be allowed to have their bodies irreversibly mutilated on a whim. Parents are to have no say, whatsoever.

Children under 16 should be allowed to go ahead with irreversible transgender surgery against the wishes of both parents and without mandatory counselling, the Australian Psychological ­Association says […]

In an unpublished law reform submission, the peak body representing 24,000 psychologists says opposition of both parents should not stand in the way of a child under 16 consenting to surgery, such as a double mastectomy, as long as the doctors are “competent” in assessing the child’s cap­acity to make decisions.

Children under 16 do not have the capacity to make such decisions. This is absolutely recognised in both law and psychology. It’s why children aren’t allowed to vote, drive, join the army, have sex, get married, or any other of the host of adult responsibilities they are absolutely incapable of handling.

But swivel-eyed activists-posing-as-professionals are not about to let something so piffling as legal responsibility or science get in their way.

The largest professional body for psychologists dismisses man­datory counselling before surgery as often “an unnecessary burden”, saying it is likely these gender-­diverse children will already have had “considerable medical oversight”.

It says children seeking trans medical treatment against the wishes of parents or guardians face “a significant barrier” because they cannot initiate court action for approval.

It suggests giving hospitals the right to petition courts, “advocacy” to win over parents or legal advice for minors so they can authorise their own treatment.

Science is quite clear that the adolescent brain is undeveloped, irresponsible and incapable of self-control. While the emotional limbic system races ahead, the pre-frontal cortex, which regulates complex decision-making and moderates social behaviour, lags behind until one’s 20s.

A paediatrician with more than two decades’ experience said the brain’s frontal lobe, crucial to complex decision-making, does not reach maturity until about the age of 25. “(Young) people are making life-changing decisions about their bodies before their brains and cognitive function have fully matured,” he said, speaking anonymously because his work would expose him to abuse and harassment by transgender activists.

Teenagers are psychologically characterised by “unpredictable and volatile behaviour, emotions…and a parade of identities which seem to change as fast as a runway model’s wardrobe”.

Teenagers cannot, should not, be allowed to make life-altering, irrevocable decisions. Supposedly “responsible” adults in authority should not be encouraging and acquiescing to adolescents’ reckless, volatile mood swings.

Clinicians in several countries have raised the alarm about a surge in teenage girls, with no history of confusion about their sex, suddenly declaring themselves transgender and pleading with parents for access to cross-sex hormones, which come with side-effects such as infertility.

Psychologists should know better than anyone how recklessly dangerous this move is. As Psychology Today writes:

“Teens have a deep need to define themselves, to clarify who they are, and what they stand for. As they are losing their pre-adolescent identity, they are desperate for a new identity […] often the new identity is supplied by their peer group, for better or for worse. Because the teen doesn’t know clearly what they want or what they can do, they like to try many different things.”

The time is long past for a sweeping inquiry into this creepy nonsense. The only, scant, consolation is that the lawsuits are going to be legendary.

Which will do precious little to make up for a generation of children mutilated by the modern-day Mengeles.


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