Camels & Pigs per Capita

The only logical conclusion is that pigs and camels are mutually exclusive

A humorous comment found on Map Porn under this map is below.

David Attenborough voice

We….we are witnessing something that cameras have never seen before…a remarkable phenomenon that has long been fabled in the stories of locals, but that has never before been captured on camera.

camera pans across barren steppes of Mongolia

camera then zooms in on camel

dramatic music begins

This…this is the great Bactrian Camel, a two-humped camel existing mainly under the oversight of their human masters. A hardy species with a tolerance for drought and extreme temperatures, this pack animal has served locals since ancient times…

camera shifts focus to an emaciated group of shrubs

Concealed with its excellent camouflage – evolved over many millennia – a wild pig sits in wait. Weighing many times less than the great Bactrian Camel – about 5 to 7 to be exact – the boar compensates it’s comparative mass disadvantage with a ferocious behavioral disposition…an evolved trait that, in couple with its reproductive promiscuity, has greatly benefited its species’ survivability.

It will need this aggressive disposition if it wants to survive in the harsh conditions of the great Asian interior. But this boar is in uncharted territory…that is…in the territory of the great Bactrian Camel. If it wants to survive in this area, it will have to eliminate the camel in the great competition for natural resources…resources that in the great expanse of the steppes are ever so rare. A battle to the death is the only possible route to this end.

pig notices camel

dramatic music intensifies

The fierce boar has taken notice of the lone male camel. It waits for its opportunity to strike, knowing that it is its only chance for survival in the unforgiving wilderness.

oblivious camel wanders too close

dramatic music climaxes

The boar leaps from its concealment, bringing with it the most ferocious…the most terrifying screech. Its tiny little legs are deceiving, though, for it races toward the camel at astonishing speed. The great Bactrian Camel, despite its immense comparative size…its great mass…is no match for the pig. The boar, seizing the camel, fells it with great power…great precision…striking it down with a single blow. A great struggle ensues. But the camel is no contender for victory. It is subdued by the ferocious…the bluntly powerful tusks of the boar.

camera pans out to desolate Mongolian steppe

dramatic music fades to a more reflective tone

Even though it has strayed from its territory, the Asian boar is victorious, winning in the great evolutionary struggle for survival. It will soon use the obtained nutrients to facilitate reproduction, ensuring the continuation of its genetic lineage.

program switches to stray cats killing bison


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