An insidious cancer is growing on the darker fringes of the political & cultural left: It’s an increasing tolerance and advocation for paedophilia.

To be clear: pro-paedophilia is not supported by the mainstream left. I have no doubt your average “liberal” is as horrified by paedophilia as anyone else. But there is a dark undercurrent festering on the fringes of the left, and particularly among some of the movers and shakers of the radical left and the “Alphabet People”.

And they’re being subsidised by unknowing taxpayers.

Three organizations had been granted full IRS tax-exempt status while encouraging, advocating for the rights of, or working to dismantle important safeguards against pedophiles and their access to children.

The “sex positive” movement is intended to destigmatise what might be generally be called “kink”: everything from homosexuality, to BDSM, and whatever might legally float consenting adults’ boats. This might not be for everyone, but it’s perfectly reasonable. Unfortunately, when the sex-positive movement opens the closet doors, some very creepy spiders take the opportunity to come crawling out, as well.

The California-based organization Prostasia was given IRS tax exemption in 2018. While marketing itself as a children’s rights organization, Prostasia is a veritable grab-bag of causes surrounding sex and sexuality, but many believe it represents something far more sinister.

In Prostasia’s blog entries, “child protection” routinely ends up in the same sentences as “free speech,” “kink,” or “sex positivity.” The topics of ageplay, furries, hentai, and prostitution are spoken about no differently as, and often with no barrier between, child sexuality and child sexual abuse.

There is a clear difference between the former and the latter. While, say, furries or hentai might be a bit weird, they’re perfectly allowable indulgences for consenting adults (and, despite media representation, the majority of furries reject sexualisation of their interest). Paedophilia does not belong in the same category. It’s neither a “sexual orientation” nor a harmless kink.

Disturbingly, Prostasia takes a bizarre approach to pedophilia as though it were a bogeyman dreamed up by the alt-right.

This has been a common tactic by pro-paedophilia crusaders, from leftist media like the New York Times and Salon, to convicted kiddy-fiddlers exposed as senior activists in Antifa and the anti-Trump movement. Start counting down until “pedophobe” becomes the left’s new insult.

More than one child sex offender has leant their voice to Prostasia. Guy Hamilton-Smith has […]contribut[ed] pieces centred around taking down existing internet safeguards which serve the function of protecting children from individuals such as himself.

Another tax-exempt organization, B4U-Act, was co-founded by convicted sex-offender and NAMBLA activist Michael Melsheimer. Melsheimer committed suicide in 2010, leaving it in the hands of registered Maryland counsellor Russell A. Dick*…

*I know this is serious, but, really…try not to laugh.

In 2009, the anti-pedophilia blog Absolute Zero (now defunct) reported that Melsheimer was active on the forum BoyChat after he would have founded B4U-Act, and was…rallying fellow pedophiles around the notion that NAMBLA had failed in its mission to normalize pedophilia, and a new approach focused around the appearance of “prevention” would be more publicly acceptable.

They’ve found their new approach, all right: rebrand paedophilia as a “sexual orientation”, and cast paedophiles in the role of oppressed victims of society.

B4U-Act regularly employs and invites convicted and “non-offending” pedophiles to speak at symposiums and workshops described as “heart opening, powerful, and courageous”…B4U-Act, like Prostasia, classifies pedophilia as a sexuality or sexual orientation, and does not seek to change or discourage a pedophile’s sexual feelings towards children […]

The organization also has campaigned to change and ultimately eliminate the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual entry on pedophilia. At one point, a newsletter was issued which was excitedly uploaded to BoyChat discussing changes in the DSM-5 which moved pedophilia slightly closer to homosexuality…B4U-Act encourages those counselling pedophiles to take an “LGBT affirmative psychotherapy approach”…

This is the pro-paedophile movement’s other wedge: leeching on to the gay rights movement. While many mainstream gay activists have reacted with horror, the radical fringe is simply adding a “P” to the alphabet soup of “alternative sexualities”.

Christian blogger David Robertson predicted years ago that, “after SSM, it would be Transgender and then the removal of gender altogether (this is all classic Queer Theory), and that this would then be followed by polyamory, polygamy, incest and then paedophilia […] The way it will happen is for paedophilia first of all, to be defined as an illness and a sexuality”.

It would be too easy to dismiss Robertson as a paranoid Christian crank…except that it’s unfolding exactly as he said. And our taxes are helping pay for it.


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